24 Hour what?

So the other day I had to pick up some new make-up, I mean it is winter and I am pretty pale.  While I was out I found a new lip gloss thing that proclaimed to be 24-hour.  Like a fearless follower I shelled out nearly 8 dollars for a nice plumy-pink shade.  But it doesn’t stop there, when I went to apply said lip color for work yesterday I decided it was a great idea to document the day and the results of this lip color.  So I give to you a day in the life of my lips with their new 24-hour color.



Step 1: Apply a thin layer of color to clean lips and allow to dry completely (about 2 minutes)
Step 2: Apply conditioning balm.  Reapply as needed.  To remove use oil-based make-up remover. 

First I call BS, dries in 2 minutes.  I generally apply the lip color first thing, do my make-up and hair and then apply the conditioning balm when dressed.  Oil-based make up remover was not necessary, on the first try it only took one Sangria :). 


6:24 am      Application Complete
7:00 am     KLT is free to take a photo
7:55 am      Drinking coffee in the office and it still looks good
8:09 am      Starting to feel a little dry, adding some conditioning balm but it looks good
9:40 am      Mirror check – LOOKS GOOD!!! Feels dry I should balm
12:20 pm    Just finished lunch (turkey, dressing, gravy, mashed potatoes, sauted veggies and water via a straw)According to my co-worker still looks good
1:03 pm      PHOTO!!!
1:24 pm      Feeling dry better balm up
2:21 pm      PHOTO!!!
4:00 pm      Feeling dry better balm up as my baby will be coming to get me soon!!!
4:45 – 6:35 KLT picked me up and we went to Nacho’s (4 margaritas, chips & cheese, nachos for dinner and water)
6:51 pm       Returned home from dinner
7:04 pm  shower and it was gone

So it appears that at the end of the day there was a hint of color, but by no means does it look like it did 12 hours earlier.  So I will call this BUSTED as it clearly won’t last 24 hours for a normal person. Another claim on the box “24 hour no transfer”.  I noticed light lip prints on my lunch and dinner napkin.  I did try not to RUB, I blotted instead and still found lip prints. I do like the color “Timeless Rose” and will wear it often, I just won’t count on it being there for 24 hours.  Also I didn’t do anything different to remove the lip color, I jumped in the shower and washed like normal.  So I call this successful and it was a lot of fun asking my co-woker ever so often to look at my lips!  She enjoyed the breaks in our day. 

I was by no way paid by the vendor of this product, I don’t work for the vendor of this product, I paid full price at Wal*Mart for said product, I don’t even know a single person at the vendor so to be clear these statments are my own.

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