6 months of Travel Plans


I decided it might be a good idea to let everyone know where we intend on being till the end of the year. I went ahead an included the last couple weeks just so I can keep track. I have always said we never go anywhere but when we do go it tends to all pile up back to back.

What Where When Status Notes
SQLSAT #220 Atlanta, GA May 18 Complete
MS Tech ED New Orleans, LA June 2-7 Complete
Kokomo, IN June 12-15 Complete
Stacia’s Birthday Napa, CA August 2 -5 Scheduled First non-SQL trip since 2009
SQLSAT #242 Indianapolis, IN August 11 Presenting Submitted 2 sessions for BI.
SQLSAT #232 Orlando, FL September 14 *Can’t do
SQLSAT #249 San Diego, CA September 21 Presenting Travel arrangements have been made. Will be on the WIT panel.
Summit 2013 Charlotte, NC October 15-18 Attending!!! Submitted/not accepted. My first submission for Summit.
SQLSAT #237  BI Edition Charlotte, NC October 19 *Can’t do Not submitting and not staying for it.
SQLSAT #256 Kalamazoo, MI November 2 Presenting Gotta make travel plans!
SQLSAT #233 Washington, DC December 7 Considering (10/8)

Some of these will be long rides in the car and the others will be some time in the back of a Southwest 737.  We will be driving to Indy of course, and I have already talked to my brother so hopefully they can stop by.  We will also be driving to Charlotte. I am due for a new car in early September, but I might just go to the dealer soon and see what my options are.

Hope to see you there!


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