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TSQL2sDay150x150By now you should know how this writing challenge works, but in light of all the first timers who attended #summit12 I think I will give you a brief run down. The idea is to help people come up with reasons to write. Sometimes it is just hard to keep in the swing of things. T-SQL Tuesday was developed as a topic for everyone to write about and guess what it’s due on the second Tuesday of the month. This month Chris Yates (@YatesSQL | Blog) has asked us a very personal question “SQL Community / What Does the Community Mean To You?”

For me #sqlcommunity is different from #sqlfamily. We are all bound in this community by being professionals that work with MS SQL Server in one way shape or form. This can included anything from Data Analyst, BI folks, DEVs, DBAs and even varying skill levels from the “OMG you want me to do what?” to the Senior professional who runs their own business making money from fixing other peoples issues. This very unique community is “Always On” so to speak because there are people from all over the world willing to lend a hand to a friend or stranger. What does one need to do get in touch with the entire spectrum of professionals you ask? Well it is simple,you get on twitter and ask a question in 140 characters or less using the hash tag #sqlhelp. Know what’s really cool you even can get help for SSRS by using #ssrshelp. It is so truly amazing that a community of people only bound by a common product can come together to help each other out and for FREE no less.

Coming down from the #summit12 high I find myself thinking already about when I will see my #sqlfamily. I am sad that I don’t get to see them that often. I believe they are different because not everyone in the community are as close as my #sqlfamily. I have true feelings for my #sqlfamily. Like I cried when Yanni hurt her ankle last Christmas. I got on Google chat when Josh hurt his ankle. When Tim was driving back from Florida with his family we offered all of them a place to stay. My #sqlfamily sends me virtual hugs when I am sad, ask me what they can do to help, it is just far more personal.

This combination of community and family has helped me in more ways than I can count and in ways that I will probably never be able to repay. I took advantage of all the free training and information offered by the #sqlcommunity and prepared myself for a different job, much like I am planning to do over the next two months. My contributions might not be as grand as a giant blog post solving a major problem for someone but I do support the community. I volunteer, I always talk about the local user groups and the twitter help you can get, I try to encourage folks to get involved and potentially becoming a speaker. Looks like I might even get a chance to help lead our local chapter.  This community is something I believe in, something I cherish and is full of people that I love.

P.S. If you didn’t see me at #summit12 last week I have to tell you my toe nails are painted #sqlsat colors.

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