There are just so many things that I find difficult to do and one which is most important right now, writing about myself. So I am going to pick a few random topics and fill in the rest.

Why should you believe anything I have to say?

Well I spent a fair amount of my life on a very limited income but I always wanted great things.  This is where I learned that I could do things myself, everything from food, home furnishings and even my home repairs.  Being on a limited budget means that you don’t have much room for screwing up and  I have learned how to make do with what is available.   I think these are the things that help keep my creativity alive and keep me grounded.  I have worked hard to get where I am, none of it was free and none of it was lucky it was just working hard.

Why SQL Server?

That would be Kerry’s fault.  I was bored at work and since there is no direction he said “why don’t you play with T-SQL and this SSRS thing.  I really think SSRS is going to be the new hotness.” Okay maybe not exactly but it is pretty close.  What I discovered is that 1) I am pretty good at it and 2) it really is a creative process to make reports and have them look nice.  So then when he left me there I became “the closest thing to a DBA” and learned a TON of operational skills by tuning in to the SQL community.  There is a great community out there and I am grateful for them.

Why Food?

I hate to knock my family but our food was boring and we never ate out.  Once out of the house, I can’t afford eating out all the time so I will just make my own fancy stuff.  It just snowballed from there.  I have done huge parties (50-60), wedding cakes and unforgettable meals for my friends.  I took the cake decorating classes just for fun that my friend is an expensive hobby but you only need to buy most things once.  My niece and nephew were so happy and rather spoiled when it came to birthday cakes.

My current doings in the kitchen revolve around making my on recipes and using good quality ingredients, including those from my gardens.

Why am I a geek?

Because I never felt like I fit in and never knew why till I met the geeks.  I felt at home there.  I am certain that my brain doesn’t work like most but that is okay with me.  I love toys, gadgets and you can’t get my computer out of my hands.

Why TN?

Why not? Ok so we were both so terribly unhappy and needed jobs, but there were none in Lafayette, IN.  And really if you are going to have to move you might as well MOVE.  At first there was no location picked and the job postings were coming in from across the nation.  I did suddenly realize that this was never going to work out and that we needed to narrow our search.  On a very whimsical trip we stopped in Nashville for the night and totally decided this was the place.  We even picked the part of TN to live in from the web. After being here 1 year I have to say it was the best decision we’ve made.  The pay is better, the job market is better, our home is beautiful and I love to just sit and look at the trees.  It is a much slower pace down here and I must say I do enjoy it.

What has changed?

I quit my job a the end of 2013, I felt it was a good time to stretch and reach for more. I am currently doing some contract work  and trying to make it a successful company. I am enjoying the freedom and the little bit of extra time with basset babies and Bo. It is as I call it “Scary Fun”.