Acing in Cleveland

Acing in Cleveland, what’s that mean?

I am very excited to announce that during PASS Summit last year, I was awarded the honor of Idera Ace. Idera has placed a great amount of confidence in me in that they are allowing to represent them at community events.  They have given me access to some great tools, some awesome Idera swag and are even giving me a little travel money to help me reach more people.

On to the other reason for this post: HELLO CLEVELAND!  Yes, I am returning to the great city. I couldn’t remember when the last visit was so of course I had to look it up on my blog.  February 2014.  I am thrilled to be returning to #SQLSatCleveland and honored to be doing my first trip as an Idera Ace. For more fun I am going to attempt co-presenting with Pat Phelan (  T  )  Can you believe it? Yeah, me neither.

What else is exciting about Cleveland? Kerry (  B    |   T  ) is doing his first #SQLSaturday Pre-Con training session, Azure Infrastructure. Don’t worry, he’s really been paid to do this content in-house for various companies.

I’m totally ready to hang with my dear friends, visit the Great Lakes Brewery and enjoy the relief of not having to manage the event. 😉 I’m just hoping for a little less snow this year.



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