Adventures of being an Idera Ace

Well I’m not sure I can tell you how excited I am about this next adventure as an Idera Ace. This #SQLSaturday is one I’ve wanted to be at for some time but could never get it into our schedule.  For this trip I will be heading close to home but not quite home.

The Bean!
Hopefully you can join me in CHICAGO! While I have made several visits to Chicago, I’m pleased as punch to  finally making it to #SQLSatChicago.  This event always waitlist early and has a great turnout. I feel very honored to be selected to be apart of this wonderful event. If you are a speaker please visit the speaker room and autograph my retired Pass sign. We are planning to take it to every #SQLSat we are at this year and hang it in the office when done. Don’t worry we’ll get a few high res photos and share.
I’ll also be presenting a fairly new session, “SSRS; Not everything is a dashboard“.  I’m hoping to share my love for SSRS and reporting. I’ll attempt to give good reasons why SSRS is still relevant and useful even in 2018.

.Barbie Knee Accessory

This #SQLSaturday will also be my last one before I have knee surgery, so I will be sporting my Barbie knee accessory and avoiding stairs!


Hope to see you there!

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