Are the planets aligned against me?

So yesterday was a bad day, not just a bad day but a really really bad day.  It was one crappy event after another and my day at work ended with very opinionated people being overly excited and expressing their feelings.  So I finally get to go home late and head to KLTs for mail and etc.  Back home I try to clean up around the house but I feel really sad cause KLT isn’t here to make me feel better which just makes me feel all alone.  So as if my day couldn’t get any worse.  At 7:20 pm I sit down and grab lappy it’s time to settle in and get ready for good TV.   Well I don’t have an internet connection, crap! I grab the cat5 from under the couch basically I am too lazy to get up and power cycle the modem.  Yeah that didn’t really work so I get up and head to the “network closet”, pull the power, wait and plug her back in.  Odd only the power light and the DS light come on.  Back to test lappy.  No luck, no internet.  After screwing around with that I decide that I still have my phone for twitter and that I can just watch TV.  WHAA? Assuming there is something fouled up with my set up I start checking cables and rewiring things.  That still didn’t work STOP let’s check the bed room.  GREAT NO TV!  Now I have to go find a phone book because the internet is dead and I can’t look up the number online.  This will be fun!  I call Comcast and am greeted by the auto prompt x) for broadband y) for TV — uh hey wait guys it’s both.  Let’s start with internet.  Basically she said “well I can’t see your modem, we’ll need to send a tech out”.  Great.  Then she so kindly says “let’s get someone on the line about your TV”, there is a click and then a small wait. Here I am totally expecting her to come back and cheerfully say “Tamera I have so and such on the line”.  NO I got sent to the auto prompt.  For Pete’s sake I could of done that.  So now I am on the phone with Oshea and his conclusion is “Well I can’t see your line because you don’t have digital, we are going to need to send out a tech let me see when they can get there” PAUSE “looks like next Tuesday” me:OMG ARE YOU KIDDING?!  He says he will look into it and call me back later that night.

AH HA! Here we are at Thursday and there was no such phone call last night.  And I didn’t even schedule a technician.  Now I had a “feeling” about all of this and was just to scared last night to go outside last night with a flash light to investigate.  So at the recommendation of a friend I Twitter @comcastcares.  I get a response telling me to send an email.  I reply with my story.  I get reply asking for my account info so they can get someone out there.  I hit reply and start entering my details; name, addr, phone but I stop to open a browser so I can get my Comcast account number.  OH my phone is ringing.  OMG! It is a Comcast tech, they totally fixed it.  Guess what?  SOMEONE did this! The cable was maliciously ripped from the pole. 

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