Back home again …in INDIANA

Well if you have never been to the greatest spectacle in racing, The Indianapolis 500 or you are not from Indiana you might not have any clue why this is important. But the short story is that Jim Nabors sings Back Home Again in Indiana prior to the race. You see I was born and raised in Kokomo, Indiana. Moved to Lafayette and then almost 4 years ago we moved to Nashville, TN.

Oh I am guessing you might like me to get to the point of all this. Well gang I am going home for the weekend and even better news is that I will be presenting at #SQLSAT242 Indianapolis. It is so awesome to be traveling home and presenting. I will be presenting a new session Designing & Formatting Reports at 8:30 am on Saturday August 10th at Indiana Wesleyan University North.  If you want to expand your SQL knowledge for FREE (ok lunch is $10 but no one makes you buy it and eat there) you can join us details #SQLSAT242.

_IGP4489 Random photo of Kerry driving us home (Indiana).

Now because I am from Indiana I feel that I must do a 10 ten list. I have long been a David Letterman fan and since he’s from Indiana too I just gotta.


10.  I love supporting PASS events and will be sharing the love at the PASS booth.
9.    6 hours in the car with Kerry Tyler will either make me sick, angry or we will solve all the worlds problems.
8.    Leaving 1/2 a day early means I get to visit Kokomo and join my parents for country line dancing lessons at the FOE.
7.    Free Speaker’s Dinner.
6.    MENARDS! Oh, how we miss them.
5.    Hopefully I get to eat at Sabbatical and see my brother and his wife.
4.    Spending time with #SQLFAMILY, I have been missing them lately.
3.    Paying it forward is one of the greatest feelings in the world, presenting is just one way I get to help.
1.    My tax write off for this trip will offset the unhappiness received by having to pay a higher tax rate in order to support the Indianapolis Colts and their new stadium (this article sums it nicely but is pretty biased).


And seriously I feel there is one more thing that I need to mention, PRE-CONS! Now I hope you are sitting down but for $120 you can attend an all day session on Friday. If your company doesn’t see the value and extreme savings you might want to think about voting with your feet. I know these presenters personally and just think you can’t go wrong attending one of these, even if you have to pay for it yourself. (Please check with a tax person but it is possible to take a tax deduction for expenses to further your career, change careers and etc. Need an accountant? I have one in IN just ask.)

  • Practical Self-Service BI with PowerPivot for Excel with MVP Bill Pearson
  • From Here to BI: Data Warehousing from Start to Finish with SQL Server MVPs Audrey Hammonds and Julie Smith
  • A Deep Dive Into Waits-Based Performance Tuning with Eddie Wuerch

Well if you don’t make it to my session I am sure you’ll be able to find me at the PASS booth at some point in time.

See all’ya all in a few weeks!!!

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