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Lifestyle, no one is wrong

Here I am talking about beliefs again. But damn it, it is really bothering me. Everyone makes choices for their lifestyle and their work-life-balance, it’s okay we don’t have to all be the same because that would be boring. But let’s be honest everyone has an opinion, some folks do make what is considered bad choices on a regular basis and we all do make mistakes. This doesn’t make anyone better than anyone else. This doesn’t make it okay for you to dismiss what others might feel/want or need.

Children are great and many choose to have them. They might also have a lifestyle of running kids to sports, practice, . . . → Read More: Lifestyle, no one is wrong

Hearing the truth

It has become so obvious to me lately that people have a hard time getting past their beliefs. In a conversation recently someone said “No one tells the truth anymore.” For a few days I pondered this and decided that there are people who do tell the truth but their beliefs are so loud that they can’t hear it. Think about it:

“Your beliefs are so loud that you can’t hear the truth.”

After having some time to think about this even further I can see this happening all over the place. Adults who act like children when it comes to food and food choices. I was a very picky . . . → Read More: Hearing the truth

World Hijab Day

Yesterday (2/1) was World Hijab Day. This was a day to show support for women around the world for their right to wear a hijab. This is the 5th year of the event and their goal is to focus on fighting bigotry, discrimination, and prejudice against Muslim women. I saw several hash tags being used throughout the day like #worldhijabday and #istand4hijab. There was a call to post a selfie or photo with these tags while wearing your hijab, Instagram is even full of post.

Well last week when I discovered that this was going to be a real thing, I did what anyone would do research and place an . . . → Read More: World Hijab Day

I’m not that kind of smart

AKA: Why I haven’t gotten certified.

I have never really been one to worry about how many acronyms you could tag after your name. And to be quite honest it never really mattered to me how big those letters actually were, because at the end of the day you put your pants on the same way I do every single morning. But that isn’t what I want to post about.

I have been asked before why I don’t spend some of this current free time working on getting certified. All this time I have deferred the question and made up excuses I really never thought it through until recently. Last . . . → Read More: I’m not that kind of smart


… don’t let me have any rights!

So I went to the office on Tuesday as I normally do. This time I actually had my one-on-one with my boss. We have a leave each other alone sort of relationship, I try really hard not to bother him with petty things and copy him on anything that might blow up. But today we are doing our new mid-year review which is a short conversation. I am told I am a high meets and that the new management criteria for doing exceeds is that you have to go out of your way to do other things not assigned to you without being . . . → Read More: I’M JUST A GIRL

TSQL Tuesday #44 Second Chances

It always comes to me as a surprise that it is TSQL Tuesday again. I guess time just slips by so quickly these days. This fine month of July is brought to us by Bradley Ball, got to love his handle (SQLBalls) [ BLOG | TWITTER ]. If you haven’t heard about or figured out what this Tuesday stuff is all about drop me a line and I will not only sell you on the concept I will convince you to write your first post for next month.

I have sat around the camp fire so to speak and listened to my great peers tell me stories of deleting . . . → Read More: TSQL Tuesday #44 Second Chances

Adults like lemonade too

I get creative about drink making generally around winter holidays and all summer long. I am always longing for something cool and refreshing in the summer. Yesterday’s trial was a strawberry lemonade made with fresh ingredients. I let Kerry try a sip of mine and the response was “OH DAMN” and followed by “you wrote this down right?” I get in trouble from time to time for making things up in the kitchen and not writing them down for future use. OPPS!

So I was thinking that since today is Friday I would toss this up so that you can stop on your way home from work for a . . . → Read More: Adults like lemonade too

SAY WHAT? TechEd?!

You won’t believe this, heck a few weeks ago either would I. Oh sorry that seems like a set up that might be disappointing once I tell you what I have to say. I am going to TechEd 2013 in New Orleans and will be representing PASS.

I bet you are wondering how this happened? Well apparently someone cancelled and someone else was already going on the company dime. So I was asked if I wanted to go. And well after a few discussions Kerry said “just book it and we have the rest of the year to pay for it”. Now here is where the story gets even stranger . . . → Read More: SAY WHAT? TechEd?!

NEW Community Zone for #summit

This note is coming to you from the EXIT row of a Southwest 737 -700 series bound for SEA. I am not the best flyer(sometimes I need a pill or drink to actually get me on the plane) but I have educated myself and today was a bit of stress for me. Thunderstorm line coming in from the West and leaving late really didn’t help. Did I mention that was my direction of flight? It’s all good at this point as I am in the air and I have paid Southwest air $5 to have internets.

I want to tell you about the NEW Community Zone!!

This year there will . . . → Read More: NEW Community Zone for #summit