Count down to #summit – First Timer Info

Thursday and for me just 52 hours until I head to KBNA for my flight to Seattle. I know we are getting there a bit early but we got married at Summit last year (#sqlwedding) and wanted a few days to enjoy the city.

In these final hours I want to provide you with yet one more bulleted list, I really like bulleted list!

How to find people and stay connected? Twitter. If you haven’t gotten a twitter account yet now may be a good time. You’ll find people to follow really fast, most everyone who hands you a business card will have a twitter handle on it, most presenters . . . → Read More: Count down to #summit – First Timer Info

Happy Halloween First Timers – nothing to be scared of schedules are easy!

Schedules, information and being prepared for #Summit12

When I worked at the university when we traveled the team secretary would make these beautiful bound packets of information for our trip. Basically it was a printed out page for your flight details, car rentals, hotel confirmations, schedules and anything else you might need to know. The wonderful thing is that she’d even create a copy for your spouse if they were not traveling with you. Well I loved having all this information handy but I have tried to become more environmentally friendly and not print so much paper. So my tip for you today is CALENDARS!

I set up a calendar . . . → Read More: Happy Halloween First Timers – nothing to be scared of schedules are easy!

Just a week till we meet! First Timer Info for Tuesday.

OK here we are it is Tuesday just one week before the First Timer event. I was told that you should have all received an email invitation to a networking event on Tuesday. It is for first time attendees only. I didn’t get one so I am not sure about any of the details, if you didn’t get the email or aren’t sure please let me know so I can get that resent to you. There is a blurb about it on the First Timer page.

Tuesday night I will be at the First Timer welcome a bit early to get my sign so we can finally meet. There will . . . → Read More: Just a week till we meet! First Timer Info for Tuesday.

2 weeks till #Summit12, start your packing list

Another email sent to my first timers, remember I am posting here just to keep a good record for next year.

Oh my how the time is running by me so fast. Well first timers I don’t hear much from you so I am hoping that everyone is ready and excited as I am. Before my weekend starts I just want to throw out a little more information.

Suggestions of things to do this weekend!

Start a packing list. Think about all the important things that you don’t want to be without and are too expensive to replace. So list out what gadget charging cords you need, what gadgets you . . . → Read More: 2 weeks till #Summit12, start your packing list

A day of first..

Yesterday was quite a day of first. Before you read this just know that I am surprisingly ok.

Thursday September 20, 2012 might not be a day that I will remember forever. It technically wasn’t a huge day of events but it is something that I feel the need to write down and remind myself that it’s okay. On this day we’d load Summer (our Ford Edge) and head for Kalamazoo Michigan, stopping in Indiana to see my grandmother in the hospital.

Kerry got his first speeding ticket. That is right, his first. Now it’s not a big deal everyone gets a speeding ticket at some point in their life. . . . → Read More: A day of first..

Lobster Macaroni and Cheese

I have been wanting to make Lobster Macaroni and Cheese for a long time, I would reckon it goes all the way back to the day I discovered that Carrabba’s was no longer offering it. I searched for recipes and this is the first one that stuck in my head. Don’t worry I have another one to try. I started with Ina Garten’s recipe and worked from there, you know adapting it and making it my own. We were joking that this was the most expensive experiment we’ve ever done, however now it was totally worth it.

Ingredients: 1 pound cavatappi (cork screw pasta) 1 clove of garlic whole 1 . . . → Read More: Lobster Macaroni and Cheese

Bye 2011, a recap of the 11 goals

Well to start out the 2011 year I made a list of personal and professional goals. I think that over all I am pleased with my results and I am really looking forward to the 3 yes THREE category of goals that I will be setting for 2012.

So let’s review the personal list:

Keep up with holidays/gifts and etc. Stick to the budget and the plan.

I am not so certain how we faired on this one. I tried to only do what we said but then again I don’t keep the finances KLT does. It was a bit difficult keeping this in check since my dad moved . . . → Read More: Bye 2011, a recap of the 11 goals

Get Hawt – Week 3 Tools

Week 3 – The question is what tools are you going to use to help you acheive your goals.

Measuring Tools

A couple years ago I spent a few weeks measuring out exactly what a serving was and I have to tell you this did two things. First the obvious, dirty a lot of dishes. But I have to tell you it was totally worth it. Second it put into perspective just how much we over eat without even trying. Here are a couple examples.

The left is an actual 1 oz serving of chips for 150 calories the right is 1.8 oz which looks more like what . . . → Read More: Get Hawt – Week 3 Tools

GET HAWT! My delayed start.

This is my first Get Hawt post and it’s not because I didn’t have good intentions, it is because I just can’t seem to find the time to write anymore. I will however fix that!

Ok, first of all I need to introduce to you Get Hawt. Two awesome gals (of course friends of mine on the internet) have teamed up to host blog parties. A place for folks to get together and make public their 2012 fitness/health goals and update regularly on their progress. I am excited to join this group and hope that having a bit of morale support along the way will help. Jen McCown (twitter|blog) and . . . → Read More: GET HAWT! My delayed start.

Meme Monday – April “WHY YES!”

Why yes I would LOVE to troubleshoot your crappy code!

Thanks TOM for something so fun and differnent. And yes, it’s Tamera like camera but no, I don’t have someone to tag.