What to do with so many herbs?

It’s about to storm here at the Hideaway, if you don’t know yet we call our home The Osburn Hideaway and Hideaway for short. I am really upset that we didn’t get to the garden in time to get green beans as I would rather be doing that crummy inside work during a storm that later this after noon. So the air was cooling off a bit I decided to take a little trip to the herb garden. Now I went and busted up my ankle 2 weeks ago so my ability to handle the uneven terrain and the wet grass has been difficult so I was a bit of . . . → Read More: What to do with so many herbs?

Sun Dried Tomatoes

Or nearly roasted to death, the first sounds way more appealing. I have tried several methods for making sun dried tomatoes. First I left them outside in the sun, yeah they get bugs or rot. Then I tried the dehumidifier, that took several days and dried them too much. Maybe that was just a case of leaving them in there too long. So the last thing I did was roast them on a baking pan. OMG! Not only do you get pretty dang tasty tomatoes you fill the house with a wonderful smell. So where do you begin? I love the grape and cherry tomatoes. All you need to do . . . → Read More: Sun Dried Tomatoes