24 Hour what?

So the other day I had to pick up some new make-up, I mean it is winter and I am pretty pale. While I was out I found a new lip gloss thing that proclaimed to be 24-hour. Like a fearless follower I shelled out nearly 8 dollars for a nice plumy-pink shade. But it doesn’t stop there, when I went to apply said lip color for work yesterday I decided it was a great idea to document the day and the results of this lip color. So I give to you a day in the life of my lips with their new 24-hour color.


Step 1: Apply . . . → Read More: 24 Hour what?

Product Review – SanDisk 8gb SD cards – OH HELL YEAH!

I am pretty sure that there are a couple of companies out there that just know how to pull my credit card out of my pocket and get me to hit check out. SanDisk knows the way to this girls hear OMG buy 3 SD cards, free shipping and mail in rebate. Earlier in 2008 SanDisk ran a sale on 4 gb cards, I bought 3 and got a $75 rebate. So honestly I am pretty set on SD cards I have 3-4gb cards, a 2 gb and 2- 1 gb cards. Wonder what happened when right before Christmas I got an email alerting me about a 3 card deal . . . → Read More: Product Review – SanDisk 8gb SD cards – OH HELL YEAH!

Product Review – Lappy drive enclosure

So amongst my deliveries the other day I received my package from monoprice.com Included were 2 more HDMI cables, a auto charger for the Sansa and a external HD enclosure for a 2.5″ lappy drive. I have now on more than one occasion needed to gather data off when the machine had died or the boot partition croaked. Since I was ordering a replacement HDMI cable and a cable for a friend I decided to check out monoprice and see if they had any ribbon cables or hell just anything to salvage my data. They had this little number who’s comments were “concerning” (cheap and plastic) but for the . . . → Read More: Product Review – Lappy drive enclosure

Product Review – The Sansa e280

If you’re looking for a great little MP3 player, stop here! Enjoy 8GB of internal memory with the Sansa e280 MP3 Player 8GB from Sandisk. The Sansa e200 Series MP3 players are the flagship products of SanDisks audio line. Created by the leaders in flash memory, this flash-based player provides everything you need for music, photo, and video clip playback. The very attractive, sleek design includes a 1.8 TFT color screen with advanced navigational features and an easy to use interface. You can also avoid scratches and cracks with the durable metal backing. The Sansa e200 provides superior sound playback and supports Microsoft PlaysForSure subscription music. The SanDisk Media Converter . . . → Read More: Product Review – The Sansa e280