…..so don’t let me have any rights!

So I went to the office on Tuesday as I normally do. This time I actually had my one-on-one with my boss. We have a leave each other alone sort of relationship, I try really hard not to bother him with petty things and copy him on anything that might blow up. But today we are doing our new mid-year review which is a short conversation. I am told I am a high meets and that the new management criteria for doing exceeds is that you have to go out of your way to do other things not assigned to you without being . . . → Read More: I’M JUST A GIRL

a minor rant

So you know I just really wanted to keep my site about useful information reciepes, prodcut and resturaunt reviews and the like. For some reason I just need to get this one off my chest and to be honest it’s not a big deal more like a splinter under my skin. Lately I have started increasing the number of people I am following on Twitter to include more of my hobbies and more of my work skills and that has brought on lost of new things to read. Most would find the information helpful, validating and new; I however have not. I really don’t mean to toot my own horn . . . → Read More: a minor rant

Never trust Amtrak, always trust your friends.

I have heard from many people that taking the train to Chicago is a PIA. Don’t do it the train is always late. But then others tell me they did it all the time and it was a great experience. So here is what happened.

Upon arriving at the Lafayette Station some older gentleman who had a child in tow announced that the train was 2 hours late. I ask several questions as I have t plane to catch in Chicago. We were told that at 8 am they would be calling to tell . . . → Read More: Never trust Amtrak, always trust your friends.

What not to say

In today’s episode of what not to say I will cut and past actual email exchange between a few employees. What you should know is that the announcement regarding said Holiday gathering went out some time ago and the second invite (which was a forward for the start of this mess). Now boys and girls let this be a lesson of when exactly you should STFU! After the last email the list was locked so no one else could post to it. The current excuse from the starter of shit storm “accidentallyhit reply all” (yes both times). You should know we all work in a technical department.

Origional Invitation:

. . . → Read More: What not to say

Are the planets aligned against me?

So yesterday was a bad day, not just a bad day but a really really bad day. It was one crappy event after another and my day at work ended with very opinionated people being overly excited and expressing their feelings. So I finally get to go home late and head to KLTs for mail and etc. Back home I try to clean up around the house but I feel really sad cause KLT isn’t here to make me feel better which just makes me feel all alone. So as if my day couldn’t get any worse. At 7:20 pm I sit down and grab lappy it’s time to settle . . . → Read More: Are the planets aligned against me?


And honestly I am just going to complain. Sorry but it’s just going to be one of those days. I don’t know how this happened but Wednesday has turned out to be worse than a typical than Monday. For those not in the know I have been in training all week and still have today and tomorrow to suffer through. Suffer was the correct word everything from the chairs that are KILLING my back and the poor job this instructor is doing. There are just certain things that I have come to expect from someone teaching a class, I don’t know for instance you should know what the hell you . . . → Read More: Wednesday

…first a word


E. Luke Knowley

more pics


some stuff It’s odd what you find with google

I am sitting here writing this with my bottom lip all a quiver and my eyes filled with tears. I am so ANGRY and I hurt for my friend KA so deeply that I seriously want to drink myself into a dull numbness that will maybe allow me a few minutes to start the grieving process.

it’s saturday

I have been a little side tracked this week, there is just a lot going on. I have been testing an application and having to do things out of order. Also had to let someone know at the exact moment that I broke anything due to the timing and urgency. This means that my test summary document will be incredibly screwed up. πŸ™‚ But I did find something really interesting. Our security department implemented a new auth page to run on Apache Tomcat, that’s really nice of them. It’s called CAS auth. Well funny some moron decided to set the login to only >2 are valid. Nice since about 64 . . . → Read More: it’s saturday

random things

So there is a flood light, actually a pair at the corner of my house in the back yard. I have been here for 4 years now and have never been able to figure out how to turn it on. Sure I found a random light switch that did nothing but I never figured out this light. New bulbs and everything. GUESS WHAT?! Tonight as I walked into the house the light came on and I was able to turn it off and on with the random switch. Please pray that I don’t burn up in a house fire tonight. πŸ™‚ Thanks.

I need to update my blogging software and . . . → Read More: random things

Stop visiting she’s not your puppy anymore

I know this seems really harsh but the reality of the matter is that you couldn’t take care of her and you gave her up. She is my baby girl now.

Last night when we were returning to my house from KLT’s we had separate cars. I pull in the drive and start to unload a few things when the neighbors pull in. Well great KLT is close behind with a truck load of dogs, and he’s dressed and in a hurry to go ride his bicycle. Before he gets there the neighbor ask if they can come see the dog tonight. I tell her maybe that Suzie . . . → Read More: Stop visiting she’s not your puppy anymore