emotionally drained

I am not sure I will get this finished before posting….

Today has been a very draining day, emotionally that is. KLT asked how and I responded with just pick somthing and I will tell you. He only picked one.

Well first there is a past collegue who is sick, very sick. Cancer. Cancer has moved into both lungs and the brain. Facing our own mortality is never good.

Then there is my good friend who either doesn’t trust or doesn’t consider me as good of a friend as I think of her. She kept something so big bottled in facing it all alone. WHAT THE CRAP! I am . . . → Read More: emotionally drained

battle of the ant nearing an end

Well the situation never really got better, it would seem to be looking like the end is near and then I would wake up to 30 of those little bastards all over the place and they were expanding to areas further away in the kitchen. After a bad day at work on Wednesday I decided it would be wise to run a few errands; Sam’s Club for veggies, Sally’s to return the flat iron, Menards for more/new/different ant traps and Pepe’s for dinner cause that is of course my comfort food. Well I clean up the counter again and place just 1! of those terro traps on the counter. By . . . → Read More: battle of the ant nearing an end

The top 10

A short while back some krannert guy decided that in order to create a better work enviroment and have a team of high performers we needed to rank our employees. While this strategy has worked for many years successfully at many companies success is entirely dependant on implementation. Guess what itap does poorly? Give up? IMPLEMENTATION! Yet again we have implemented something, sucked at it and created more heartache than good.

First our super duper non-elected VP (recenlty changed to exectutive director) decided that the bottom 10% was not enough we need to list our bottom 20% or something stupid like that. But the real problem lies in the . . . → Read More: The top 10

Sugar Ants

So I have been the victim of a home invasion, not the brutal personally attacked kind but the dirty ant type. Most everyone should know by now that I am sort of a clean and neat freak. Yes OCD could be the cause. But I take great pride in my kitchen and am just sick over these little bastards. I bought traps, apparently they are the good kind. In research today I have found that my cleaning and traps are about all I can do. 🙁 I will however switch cleaning agents the www says that vinegar and bleach are good cleaners as it removes the pheromone trail. I guess . . . → Read More: Sugar Ants

The Rock

No silly not that big hunk of burning love Duane Johnson of WWF fame the big FUCKING ROCK that was flipped out by a lawnmower yesterday and chipped the paint on my car. MY BABY! You may or may not know just how OCD I really am about that car but just go with me I am. So we are returning to work from lunch and all of the sudden somtething hits my side of the car (passenger) and almost scares the pee right out of me. I open the door before Kerry can get her pulled over and immediatly spot the damage. Of course I did, I rub that . . . → Read More: The Rock

Wednesday’s post

Finally I have air in my room and I could sleep. You know that was until the phone rang @ 4:19 am. Wrong number. You only need to dial the floor number and the room number. <RANT> let me tell you how disappointed I am with my room at the Palazzo. Its filled with construction rush issues. The furniture is beat up pretty bad for only being open since Dec. The window is so dirty that you can’t see out of it and I am sure it has never been cleaned. Our stay here started out rough, no king size bed. But I guess there are worse things like drue . . . → Read More: Wednesday’s post

swim suits

I just spent a few hours at the pool here at the hotel and spent most of my time watching people. Now there are are LARGE amount of teenagers here because of the FFA thingy going on. I noticed a lot of swim suit issues. NO not like wardrobe issues where boobs fall out I am taling about how poorly suits are designed and the materials they are made out of. I saw several larger ladies who were wearing some sort of “tank” style top and a skirt. A SKIRT in many different lengths. What I noticed is that every woman wearing one of those skirts did the exact same . . . → Read More: swim suits

Last Night

Ok well here we are on the glorious flight from IND to MCO. Well little did I know that leaving in the middle of the afternoon was a bad idea. Why? Well that is the “family” departure time. I shall never book flights at this time again. And for those of you who thought of this and ddin’t mention it a flight to Orlando is a flight full of CHILDREN. You know my rules about only bringing as many kids as you have adults. That is also now a rule of flying. HAHAHHAH! So far they are quiet, with the exception of the singing and . . . → Read More: Last Night

what i have to say today

Well let me start with a THANK YOU for the lovely weekend. Wish I would of gotten more work done but hey I did pretty good. Yesterday I helped make my neighborhood a better place by entertaining the children. That was nice and kept things pleasant.

Work was a waste of time I am so tired of STOOOPID that I just can’t even bare to talk about it. Please someone find me a job.

Thank you kroger for the marked down veal chops those were spectacular last night.

You know between twitter, facebook, dogbook, flickr, myspace, gmail, @pu mail, monster job search results and yelp I just can’t . . . → Read More: what i have to say today

what i do

does anyone out there even know what i do?

Well really what can I expect as the people who I work for don’t even know what I do best. Let me tell you. I just know. I am not kidding, I just know where every weakness in your application is. I am the best analyst that there ever was cause since I was a small child I could find the loop hole in EVERY thing. This is not a joke but the core of everything I am. I am tired of those skills just sitting along side me while I surf the web and shop for bras. Good GOOD . . . → Read More: what i do