Denim Skirt or is it?

I made a couple sleeves for my mammoth XPS laptop. One of those ended up to large and the other one is great. I really like them but I am still looking for a couple things. One is a sleeve with handles. I am still dreaming up that idea. But I had been wanting to make some sort of carrying device for Bella (that is the laptop’s name Bella Finestre – pretty windows). I had been working on an idea in my head for a couple weeks and this idea revolved around denim. I had been pondering sewing together scraps of denim including jeans, pockets and random pieces laying around . . . → Read More: Denim Skirt or is it?

The seekrit hem for store bought jeans

Women’s jeans do not come in real lengths. Yeah some brands will give you regular, medium and long but that honestly isn’t much help. It never fails when I buy jeans they need hemmed. I remember that when my mother would hem our pants that everyone could tell, it just never looked the same. Maybe that is because in the 80s jeans were all acid washed and worn a new hem stuck out like a sore thumb. Until someone at work showed me how she put a hem in her jeans, see grad students are an excellent source of information. I believe that she did it by hand I on . . . → Read More: The seekrit hem for store bought jeans