Happy Halloween First Timers – nothing to be scared of schedules are easy!

Schedules, information and being prepared for #Summit12

When I worked at the university when we traveled the team secretary would make these beautiful bound packets of information for our trip. Basically it was a printed out page for your flight details, car rentals, hotel confirmations, schedules and anything else you might need to know. The wonderful thing is that she’d even create a copy for your spouse if they were not traveling with you. Well I loved having all this information handy but I have tried to become more environmentally friendly and not print so much paper. So my tip for you today is CALENDARS!

I set up a calendar . . . → Read More: Happy Halloween First Timers – nothing to be scared of schedules are easy!

Just a week till we meet! First Timer Info for Tuesday.

OK here we are it is Tuesday just one week before the First Timer event. I was told that you should have all received an email invitation to a networking event on Tuesday. It is for first time attendees only. I didn’t get one so I am not sure about any of the details, if you didn’t get the email or aren’t sure please let me know so I can get that resent to you. There is a blurb about it on the First Timer page.

Tuesday night I will be at the First Timer welcome a bit early to get my sign so we can finally meet. There will . . . → Read More: Just a week till we meet! First Timer Info for Tuesday.

2 weeks till #Summit12, start your packing list

Another email sent to my first timers, remember I am posting here just to keep a good record for next year.

Oh my how the time is running by me so fast. Well first timers I don’t hear much from you so I am hoping that everyone is ready and excited as I am. Before my weekend starts I just want to throw out a little more information.

Suggestions of things to do this weekend!

Start a packing list. Think about all the important things that you don’t want to be without and are too expensive to replace. So list out what gadget charging cords you need, what gadgets you . . . → Read More: 2 weeks till #Summit12, start your packing list

3 weeks to Summit, more first timer info

Another post for the first timers!!!

Wow can you believe we are 3 weeks out? I feel that I am just terribly behind; I mean I booked my flights just the other day.

Well I guess today I will start with some travel tips. There is light rail that runs from the airport to the downtown area. It is really cheap (like around $3). But there is walking involved. However we pack pretty heavy (2 laptops, 2 cameras, 4 cell phones and a pile of cables, cords and chargers) and after last year I am sure it will be even heavier as I didn’t bring enough pants. PANTS! I know, . . . → Read More: 3 weeks to Summit, more first timer info

Count down to Summit – a catch up of First Timers

The thought occurred to me today as I was writing my 3rd email to the First Timer’s group that maybe it was good idea to blog this info as some folks might not want to be in a group but have the ability to find the info on their own. Hmm,too bad I didn’t of that earlier. Here is the recap I posted last year: MyRecap

Email 3

The count down has begun. There is excitement in the air and mostly by air I mean on Twitter. I wanted to share with you a few of the blog post that I have seen in the last week regarding Summit.

Jason . . . → Read More: Count down to Summit – a catch up of First Timers


That is my one word description of #SQLSAT160.

Our 8 hour drive to Kalamazoo was interrupted by Kerry getting a speeding ticket in Kentucky. Fun times! Then there was the intended stop in Indianapolis, Indiana to see my grandmother who is still in the hospital after open heart surgery. She’s ran into a sting of little issues that kept setting her back. I was happy that we stopped on our way up. Then we arrived in KZoo to find that some jerk set off the sprinklers and 1/2 the hotel was damaged and shut down. Since we were checking in early we got a room and an upgrade to a . . . → Read More: WOW! #SQLSAT160

Bringing the road show home #SQLSAT145

Nashville didn’t have a SQLSAT last year, we lost the venue and that is about all I know on why there wasn’t one. But what I do know is that we are having one this year. October 13, 2012 (Does that date ring a bell? Like a wedding bell?) that is the date for Nashville’s SQLSAT. I am so excited as this lineup is looking to be AWESOME! There are several pre-cons on Friday that you might not want to miss. But the good news is that I am presenting here. I am a tick nervous that the organizers picked the session I have not tried yet and that agreed . . . → Read More: Bringing the road show home #SQLSAT145

A DBA’s Ethics T-SQL Tuesday #30

This month Chris Shaw (blog|twitter) brings to us a deep topic for T-SQL Tuesday. He’s asking us to talk about DBA Ethics, you don’t have to be a DBA just a SQL Professional. Thanks Chris for hosting and getting us thinking.

So here we are at another fine T-SQL Tuesday. When Kerry mentioned that he was going to get busy and write last night I asked him what the topic was and he said “DBA Ethics”. From there my mind went crazy thinking about Ethics, how many times I have had mine challenged and what all of this would mean. He stayed up late and worked on his blog post . . . → Read More: A DBA’s Ethics T-SQL Tuesday #30

TSQL2sDay – Jack of All Trades…

Argenis Fernandez was ever so kind as to host TSQL2sDay this month and the question he asked was:


Are you specialized? On something? Or anything at all? Has that been a good or a bad thing? Why? Are you the SQL guy at work? Or the one who does everything? Do you code? And configure wireless routers at work also? If you had to pick one thing to specialize on, what would it be?

So, in this installment of T-SQL Tuesday I’d like to ask you to blog about your experience. Tell us why you specialized, or why you’d like to specialize. If you don’t think that specialization . . . → Read More: TSQL2sDay – Jack of All Trades…


I have been to conferences in the past, so I didn’t quite feel like a “first timer”. PASS held several things for first timers and I opted not to go to them, I did hear from my co-workers that they enjoyed the activities. I thought I had prepared for everything on this trip but I was wrong. I really had no idea that I would get to hang out with the cool kids and that by doing so I would have to learn to live on a few hours of sleep. I didn’t know that I would need more than a cure for my hang-over. I wasn’t prepared for the . . . → Read More: Post #SQLPASS