6 months of Travel Plans


I decided it might be a good idea to let everyone know where we intend on being till the end of the year. I went ahead an included the last couple weeks just so I can keep track. I have always said we never go anywhere but when we do go it tends to all pile up back to back.

What Where When Status Notes SQLSAT #220 Atlanta, GA May 18 Complete MS Tech ED New Orleans, LA June 2-7 Complete Kokomo, IN June 12-15 Complete Stacia’s Birthday Napa, CA August 2 -5 Scheduled First non-SQL trip since 2009 SQLSAT #242 Indianapolis, IN August 11 Presenting Submitted 2 sessions . . . → Read More: 6 months of Travel Plans

#MSTECHED Day 1- the drive

Well most trips we take end up with me being irritated at Kerry because he’s sitting around on his butt while I am running around like a fool trying to get things ready. We should not assume this time would be any different. I had all my items packed and ready on Saturday leaving me just the cooler and food to pack up on Sunday. Of course he’s discovered a computer issue at home and spends nearly an hour working on it, and it’s still isn’t fixed. (Hopefully I can find someone here to talk about Exchange with.) In that time I got the car completely loaded and ready to . . . → Read More: #MSTECHED Day 1- the drive

SAY WHAT? TechEd?!

You won’t believe this, heck a few weeks ago either would I. Oh sorry that seems like a set up that might be disappointing once I tell you what I have to say. I am going to TechEd 2013 in New Orleans and will be representing PASS.

I bet you are wondering how this happened? Well apparently someone cancelled and someone else was already going on the company dime. So I was asked if I wanted to go. And well after a few discussions Kerry said “just book it and we have the rest of the year to pay for it”. Now here is where the story gets even stranger . . . → Read More: SAY WHAT? TechEd?!

and the home of the BRAVES!

Yup Atlanta that is. Last weekend was #SQLSAT220 or #SQLSATATL.

Atlanta is a 4 hour drive from here so we were hopeful in getting their early in the evening. But much like every trip nothing starts out on time (KLT’s fault I am sure) and the drive took a bit longer as we hit crummy traffic. We ate a nice big steak lunch, while I know that seems like a lot the plan was we’d not eat dinner and it is kind of a tradition to eat a steak meal before leaving on a trip if departure time permits. We borrowed my neighbors GIANT vehicle (Infinity QX56), man that is . . . → Read More: and the home of the BRAVES!

I’m Speaking at #SQLSAT220 Atlanta and my crazy list

I know right? I am so far behind half a dozen post started and none posted. Good intentions never finished. “Someday” that never came. So let me get to the real point of this post so that I can promptly drag you off in left field. WE ARE GOING TO ATLANTA and I AM PRESENTING!! BONUS BONUS! #SQLFAMILY #PASS + Ikea. (DO NOT judge me!)


Okay so here is how the story goes. I submitted and they said no (no worries these things happen). Because we pay for all the SQL travel out of pocket we made the decision that we’d not go to Atlanta if I wasn’t . . . → Read More: I’m Speaking at #SQLSAT220 Atlanta and my crazy list

A day of first..

Yesterday was quite a day of first. Before you read this just know that I am surprisingly ok.

Thursday September 20, 2012 might not be a day that I will remember forever. It technically wasn’t a huge day of events but it is something that I feel the need to write down and remind myself that it’s okay. On this day we’d load Summer (our Ford Edge) and head for Kalamazoo Michigan, stopping in Indiana to see my grandmother in the hospital.

Kerry got his first speeding ticket. That is right, his first. Now it’s not a big deal everyone gets a speeding ticket at some point in their life. . . . → Read More: A day of first..


Well I am terribly behind and I blame my job. They are just wearing me out. So try to bear with me as I play catch up over the next several days.

So I know many of my friends know that I have provided training across my company to many levels of technical skills for our rollout of SSRS. Most of the people didn’t know SQL Server Reporting Services was so cool or that there was a great thing called PASS. I helped shed the light and trained over 200 people including a few online sessions with our teams in Japan. I am telling you this because it took me . . . → Read More: #SQLSAT159 KC

Life is a highway and I wanna Ride it! or #SQLSAT160

Hey guys did I mention that I am presenting again? Oh I didn’t … Hmm must of been busy with that room full of mean little men and totally spaced it. GUESS WHAT? We are headed for Kalamazoo, MI!


That is right #SQLSAT160


So it looks a little like this:

Wednesday work till Noon or so, hair appointment at 1pm.


Cook dinner



Get up like normal.


Leave (While the 8 am goal is nice living with Kerry means I will be lucky to be on the highway . . . → Read More: Life is a highway and I wanna Ride it! or #SQLSAT160