6 months of Travel Plans


I decided it might be a good idea to let everyone know where we intend on being till the end of the year. I went ahead an included the last couple weeks just so I can keep track. I have always said we never go anywhere but when we do go it tends to all pile up back to back.

What Where When Status Notes SQLSAT #220 Atlanta, GA May 18 Complete MS Tech ED New Orleans, LA June 2-7 Complete Kokomo, IN June 12-15 Complete Staciaโ€™s Birthday Napa, CA August 2 -5 Scheduled First non-SQL trip since 2009 SQLSAT #242 Indianapolis, IN August 11 Presenting Submitted 2 sessions . . . → Read More: 6 months of Travel Plans

Leading up to #SQLPASS

I have deteremined that my stress level the last 1.5 months has been pretty high and I am sure it revolves around #SQLPASS. Here let me explain.

First there is my company that made me dance around like a puppet and sit on pins and needles while waiting to find out if I was going to get to attend this year. You see last year the “boys” went and I didn’t get to. One of them, who happens to be my boss’s boss would come by and rub it in that he was going and that I wasn’t then I got the drop by stories from PASS for months after. . . . → Read More: Leading up to #SQLPASS

Casey Moores, Phoenix AZ – Review

So we decided that upon our “late” arrival to PHX we’d skip the pizza joint and try an irish pub for dinner. I had discovered a place called Rula Bula but once we got into the shuttle the young male driver asked us what kind of place do we like? He followed it up with “party type bar” or a “local joint”. OH YEAH those are words we are always looking to hear. LOCAL JOINT PLEASE! So we ended up at Casey Moore’s which is an Oyster House. That explains the menu.

It was a pretty dark and local joint, you could just tell by all the people . . . → Read More: Casey Moores, Phoenix AZ – Review

Friday 5/22 what a busy day

WOW! It’s 10 pm and I have finally sat down for the evening. What did we accomplish today? We left Lake Havasu City and headed for Blythe to see the Palo Verde Dam. A quick sit down at another Mexican resturaunt. BTW you can’t go 2 feet without seeing a local Mexican Resturaunt. Then to 310 to Yuma, ok not really we took interstate 8. Check in at the hotel and then a quick trip to the Imperial Dam. OH but to get there you had to drive throught the Yuma Proving Grounds. Awesome! Back to the hotel to clean up and then it’s dinner at Burgers and Beer. Oh . . . → Read More: Friday 5/22 what a busy day


Well getting here was no treat. Wednesday I waited patiently at KLT’s apartment packing, cleaning and prepping for our afternoon departure. It had apparently not been much of a good day for KLT and he was pretty much off line. At about 10 minutes till 4 or so I got really mad and called him. NOT GOOD! And of all times to be a line at luggage check in. I sent KLT ahead to get through security, I figure they’d hold the plane if one of us was there and not the other. I RAN through the airport and really wanted to KILL him. Oh well once again we made . . . → Read More: Thursday

What’s coming up!

OH I know I have sat here before and told everyone that I am getting caught up and I am getting my groove back only to fail. But let me give you a few spoilers!!! This week I am working from home in Nashville. Wednesday evening we are jumping on a Southwest bound for Phoenix AZ. Thursday morning we <strike>steal</>get our car and head for Lake Havasu, Friday it’s off to Yuma, AZ, Saturday we return to Phoenix and fly out on Sunday returning to Nashville. Then on Tuesday I will depart for LAF all by my lonesome. ๐Ÿ™ So this means there are going to be daily blog post, . . . → Read More: What’s coming up!

…ah and were are we

Well I have to admit that the departure of KLT for Nashville had far more of an impact on me than I ever expected. I basically lost all zest for most things and really didn’t feel much like doing anything. The good news is that I get to spend 15 days with him most of them in Nashville while he is working. That will leave me with LOTS of time to catch up on blog postings, ARS post, photo uploading and all around organization. So I am here in Nashville, it’s 60 degrees and raining on this Christmas eve and my beloved apparetnly doesn’t want me to play rock band . . . → Read More: …ah and were are we

Cincinnati wrap up – Part II

It seems I failed to mention that we bought 2 spoons full of 9.99 per pound olives stuffed with Fetta cheese. ๐Ÿ˜‰

After our trip to Jungle Jim’s we found ourselves back at the hotel and waiting on Rick’s sister and husband to arrive. So we watched the game, rested and loaded pictures.

Our evening goes down like this…..

We walk 1 mile to the park along the river (map), hmm wonder why no one saw the WALKING button Saturday. That was really ok, paid our monies and there we were at a festival with real beer. The Celtic Festival is an interesting thing.

We first picked up . . . → Read More: Cincinnati wrap up – Part II

Cincinnati Wrap UP – Part 1

Good to be home but I could of done without this craptastic weather.

Saturday we took off for Jungle Jim’s. OMG it looks like an amusement park. This is INSIDE the parking lot.

We came home with quite a haul of goodies that we couldn’t find locally. First there was the tortilla warmer of course you can get one of these locally the major problem is that they wanted something like $15 and I found this one for just under $8. ๐Ÿ™‚ There are two things that we picked up that WERE available locally but have since disappeared first is the ever so famous Boat Beer as . . . → Read More: Cincinnati Wrap UP – Part 1

Good Morning from Cincinnati

Well as you know nothing ever goes like it should. I mean really I try very hard but it NEVER works out that way. The plan: Depart work at 2 pm, pack up things play with dogs and head to Carla’s 2:45 then depart for IND 3pm, pick up Ruck 4 pm and head to Cincinnati to arrive 6pm. Hopefully get to the hotel and to dinner by 7:30. AHAHHAHAHHAH!!!! Well things got a rough kick in the nads when KLT was requested to be on an important phone call at you guessed it 2 pm. Now that will leave me to pack up everything in the rain by myself. . . . → Read More: Good Morning from Cincinnati