well there will be no great adventures today. Today was to be the get up and out there at 6 am, and instead here it is 9 am and I am icing down my calf muscle. It is strained and walking is a problem. 🙁

Quick Update – Saturday

I am sorry to be so far behind. 🙁 We left Friday to “run” errands and hit the road for Utah. Funny how that worked out, we finally got to Hurricane and entered the Zion National Park at 5:40 pm. I have A TON of pictures to post. There are like 200 of Blake Lewis from the HP Party. Then there are a SLEW from the Dinasour foot prints and let’s not even talk about todays mother load of about 400. Last night I just came home and DIED I am expecting the same to happen tonight. –gettin ready for dinner.



tonight was the party …. well it was lame but before I go to bed let me tell you two things. 1) I have a slew of pictures of Blale Lewis and 2) I rode in the elevator with and spoke to an NFL player WITH SUPERBOWL RING. San Fran according to KLT.


Wednesday’s post

Finally I have air in my room and I could sleep. You know that was until the phone rang @ 4:19 am. Wrong number. You only need to dial the floor number and the room number. <RANT> let me tell you how disappointed I am with my room at the Palazzo. Its filled with construction rush issues. The furniture is beat up pretty bad for only being open since Dec. The window is so dirty that you can’t see out of it and I am sure it has never been cleaned. Our stay here started out rough, no king size bed. But I guess there are worse things like drue . . . → Read More: Wednesday’s post

too tired

Just too tired to post or to load picts

Tuesday is full of fun

Well after arriving really LATE last-night we set up our new “home”. Unpacked and made things look all homey. Off to bed at about 2:30 am IND time. I had trouble sleeping it was too HOT, my legs ached and I couldn’t get comfy. The pone rings at 5 am, oops not everyone knew I was in Vegas. Didn’t matter much I wasn’t sleeping. I finally got up around 6:30 am or so and read all the magazines in the room. It is still DMAN HOT in our room. Once KLT got up I called about the heat and the loud buzzing noise in my bathroom. They “fixed” it, showers, . . . → Read More: Tuesday is full of fun

Monday Night Post

Ok here we go again me sitting in the middle of a boeing aircraft typing a blog post. Ah ha but something is different. What is it you ask? 1 I am trying to get drunka 2 I am typing om my mobile device and 3 for some odd reason it appears the flight crew is trying to give the plane away. Ok I really need to talk about two serious issues but thumbs are no way to do that. Delays for flights suck! Ok update 1011 pm. Did I mention how much I love that KLT? Sometimes I just forget and then I am reminded like now. 🙂 TtfnYeah . . . → Read More: Monday Night Post

Saturday’s Post

Ok here I am sitting on this lovely boeing aircraft in the exit row thinking to myself that small airplanes can’t be that bad. No really. This however was a much easier flight there are far less children and there was not a 3 hour delay.

I am really sorry I didn’t post the last day, I just was avoiding the realization that this was all coming to an end. Friday I quietly packed most of the stuff up and spent some time at the pool. My time at the pool was interesting. I met a nice lady from Michigan all though . . . → Read More: Saturday’s Post


Well the sky clouded up and the wind came but that was all. They closed the pool because of lightening. Now I was sitting there and had been for a good 5 minutes as people rushed inside beacuse of the “storm”. THERE WAS NO DAMN LIGHTENING! There was never any thunder. Really it never even rained, there was no lightening and now the pool is reopened. LAME! There is no sunshine so I guess I don’t care.

So while I was by the pool I was taking account of all the people around me and was suprised by what I found. There are very few people that would . . . → Read More: RAIN?

Thur the noon time

Well I created another wonderful salad and have done the dishes.

I am going to put on that new swim suit and head to the pool for a bit. I might come back for a nap. 🙂