Cincinnati Wrap UP – Part 1

Good to be home but I could of done without this craptastic weather. 

 Saturday we took off for Jungle Jim’s.  OMG it looks like an amusement park. This is INSIDE the parking lot.

We came home with quite a haul of goodies that we couldn’t find locally.  First there was the tortilla warmer of course you can get one of these locally the major problem is that they wanted something like $15 and I found this one for just under $8.  🙂  There are two things that we picked up that WERE available locally but have since disappeared first is the ever so famous Boat Beer as KLT likes to call it.  Great Lakes Brewing Edmond Fitzgerald a lovely porter that we haven’t even found the few times we looked in Indianapolis.  The other is Ruffles Reduced Fat Potato Chips and I am pretty sure you are thinking we are crazy but honestly they have the best taste for being a “diet” chip.  Finding things in this massive store was a little difficult some items were with their country or origin and others with like items you know like honey was in the giant honey department and I found some in the  Mexican area.  The international areas were full of authentic things it was great, I wish I had a better of list of things to look for as that would of stopped some of the impulse buying.  😉  There was also a large department of Kitchen goods including a $70 Cuisinart pop corn popper.  Oddly placed in that area is a bio pond, sounds cooler than it actually was.  There are 4 large round tanks of water with an incredible filtration system that house fresh fish, these fish are not fed and this is not a farm it is actually a holding tank for fish waiting to be taken to the floor and sold.  They currently have Tilapia, Trout and Catfish for-sale in their sea food department along with LOTS of fresh icky things.  I didn’t think that their booze prices were that good so we only picked up a couple bottles of wine.  Oddly enough we found a bottle that had been delivered as a wine of the month Altos Los Hornigas Mabec and a new to us 1919 Mabec.  There were enough wines there to keep one thoroughly confused for HOURS. 

We found the olive oil isle.  OMG probably 24 feet of olive oils with 24 feet of other exotic oils and balsamic vinegars on the other side.  We had not researched this before our trip so we had to make a gut choice and Kerry picked Greek Gourmet for about $13 for a 23 ounces.  We can’t find any information online about it but we did find that we got a hellar deal.  Then we wondered around and discovered the largest natural/organic food department that I have ever seen.  It was quite impressive. I decided to look for some Agave Nectar so that I too can make great margaritas.  Right there next to it was Pure Cane Sugar Syrup and pure Maple Syrup. 

Now we were ready to look at the cold items we passed up earlier yes the CHEESE, Olives and Deli area.  First was the cheese Kerry I think died and landed in heaven.  We picked up a few items to try and will let you know.  They also had a fair selection of cured sausages and the such.  We picked up Debreziner and boy do they smell.

Next to the cheese is a butter display like no other. It was probably 6′ long with so many kinds and brands of butter, who knew?  Then came the funny! 

There was an import type deli area not to be confused with the deli just around the corner. 
They gave samples of some meat and cheese rolled together.  Holly cow that was good so I order 1/2  a pound each while KLT isn’t looking.  🙂  Mordatella and Aussie Jack.  Yes I know it’s bologna.  

There were several more things but they must of been far less exciting and that explains not being mentioned.

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