Cincinnati wrap up – Part II

It seems I failed to mention that we bought 2 spoons full of 9.99 per pound olives stuffed with Fetta cheese.  😉

After our trip to Jungle Jim’s we found ourselves back at the hotel and waiting on Rick’s sister and husband to arrive.  So we watched the game, rested and loaded pictures. 

Our evening goes down like this…..

We walk 1 mile to the park along the river (map), hmm wonder why no one saw the WALKING button Saturday.  That was really ok, paid our monies and there we were at a festival with real beer. The Celtic Festival is an interesting thing. 

We first picked up a beer or 3 and then it was off to find food.  Kerry walked quite a ways to pick up food at the Old Bag of Nails booth while Carla picked up a lovely sausage wrapped in dough from something closer.  Rick however was quite LAZY and picked up the closest thing:
Yes that is a slice of pizza, not very Irish I might add.

We made our way to the far end of the park to watch a band we’ve actually seen a time or two down at 9 Irish Brothers, the Pub Uglies.


They were enjoyable as always and we got to take some cool photos on the Ohio River. Photos. After walking almost all the way back through the park it was decided we needed go back and walk across the Purple People Bridge in order to get to the Hofbrauhaus in Newport Kentucky. By the time we got there my foot was trashed, I seriously wanted to cry and I could feel my heart beat THUMP THUMP, THUMP THUMP! We oder some beverages and snacks! I take my shoe off and try to loosen the wrap on it, OMG that thing had turned into a tourniquet. So no wonder the thumping and pain. While we were there we got to see what Ohio State was good at, yes folks spelling O-H-I-O! While Rick and I tried to combat that with the USC!!! and GO BOILERS! We were clearly out numbered. I got to see some pretty interesting things there like the “bride” who stood up on her bench and pulled her skirt up around her waist so we call all see her pretty pink panties, that were see through. I was so lucky I got to see them again in the women’s rest room while she was standing there putting on make up. I watched two guys go to clink their large beer mugs together and break one of them.
Now that is a large glass to be breaking over the table while drunk. It was a really fun time maybe if my foot wasn’t bummed I could of played more. I was just glad they had a real bar! While we were leaving my tolerance for the stoopid had finally given way and well let’s just say it wasn’t pretty. First off was the skinny bitches who were parading in and being quite “big” for their small little frames. The pretty much refused to scoot over so we could exit the building they were so desperate to get into. Pretty much that is when I loudly told KLT that I could knock those skinny bitches clean on their ass with the throw of my left shoulder alone. Fine we make it out and all I want is a CAB! Gee that would of been great until the big dumb head decided to hit on me, thanks I am flattered get the fuck out of my way. HAHAHA! I actually said “You don’t want to go there, Really!”. Yeah I was getting into the stance to put my knee in his junk when KLT yelled that there was a cab. SWEET! I didn’t have to bust some guys ass and here is my ride. Oh now the fun does not end here cabbies drive like ass holes everywhere. I am not sure how or why that happened, wonder if there are statistics for # of incidents that involve cab drivers in big cities. 😉 (so apparently there are 11 accidents a day in NYC involving yellow cabs) Well we make it across the river and another cab is sitting to our left, revs it up and we laugh. KLT says who’s crown vic is in better shape and well of course I clap. HAHAHAH! IT’S ON NOW!! We race the guy next to us and run red lights (<–no worries we stop first). So the cab ride was just under $8 and I gave him a $5 for a tip. Good times in down town Cincinnati.

Back to the hotel, snacks and a little TV we are off to bed. Pack it up Sunday morning and depart the 88 degree warm and sunny GAME DAY. Ah that is way to bad and it only gets worse as we near Indiana and the IKE left overs that were pounding rain in northern Indiana and on top of all of that there was a wind advisory. Yeah it was all KLT could do to keep the exploder on the road.

We stopped in Indianapolis to eat at Hall’s Caselton Grill.  They had some really good food and a football game on.  Unfortuntaly KLT was mistaken for a Colts fan, that’s what he gets for cheering on a “good” football play. 

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