Count down to #summit – First Timer Info

Thursday and for me just  52 hours until I head to KBNA for my flight to Seattle. I know we are getting there a bit early but we got married at Summit last year (#sqlwedding) and wanted a few days to enjoy the city.

In these final hours I want to provide you with yet one more bulleted list, I really like bulleted list!

How to find people and stay connected?

  • Twitter. If you haven’t gotten a twitter account yet now may be a good time. You’ll find people to follow really fast, most everyone who hands you a business card will have a twitter handle on it, most presenters will show you their handle during their presentation and you can start by adding me @tameraclark.
    • Once you return home from Summit you can chat with all the new people you met, find great resources for your SQL questions (#SQLHELP & #SSRSHELP) and hear about all the #SQLSATURDAYs that are going on.  Yes sometimes seeing that everyone I know and love is in some city having fun while I am at home makes me sad, but it is worth it.
  • Foursquare. While I was never a big fan I did have an account for a long time and only used it once when I was at a #NASATWEETUP. I refuse to check out of the press site. However at a #SQLSATURDAY this year @datachick convinced me that I needed a new account so I could start playing along. I really only use it while on SQL travel but that is okay it’s still fun. It’s a great way to find out where folks are so you can join them.
  • Business Cards? Did you pack some? If you don’t have cards and have decided that now is the time to get them you are still in luck. There is a FedEx Kinko store just around the corner from the convention center. As far as I know you can upload and order online to pick up there.
  • The Birds of a Feather Lunch is a great way to meet people who know what your job is. I always find it comforting to talk with someone who understands when I say “OMG DIRTY READS”.  No reasons to be shy go through the lunch line grab your meal and head to the table marked with the job/track that pleases you.

How to have fun?

  • Do not make any drastic changes to any systems you support from now until you return.
  • Do not sit in your hotel room because you don’t know anyone, you know me so I will be more than happy to introduce you to my friends.
  • @MrDenny says do everything in moderation.
  • Don’t forget to call your spouse/girlfriend/boyfriend/significant other/cat because that will make life NO FUN when you get home.  And as a woman I would like to add don’t talk about yourself ask about the other person.
  • Don’t sweat the small stuff. If you forget something there are drug stores and department stores nearby.


How to get to your hotel from the airport?

  • CHECK YOUR ARRIVAL TIME! Some options not available.
  • PRE Book if possible.
  • Share rides if you know someone else that is going.


  • There is wifi at the conference but don’t expect to use it during the keynote. I found it was nearly on its knees last year.
  • There will be device charging stations, they have changed from last year so I can’t tell you what to expect.
  • There are ambassadors in the halls (they have from what I am told ugly red or green vest on) that can help you find your way.
  • Registration  for the conference is open Sun, Mon, Tues for early check-in. I advise doing this early if you can, that way you can leave your bag and goodies in your room for the welcome reception.
  • You can still get into some of the pre-con sessions, just hit up the registration desk when you get there. Someone will be happy to take your money.
  • The DVDs are a good investment if you can get your company to swing it, they are cheaper before and during the conference. (This year’s will be delivered on thumb drives.)
  • Sometimes things happen please check for schedule changes.
  • Bring your resume. Just in case.

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