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I am sitting here writing this with my bottom lip all a quiver and my eyes filled with tears.  I am so ANGRY and I hurt for my friend KA so deeply that I seriously want to drink myself into a dull numbness that will maybe allow me a few minutes to start the grieving process.    

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  • Larry

    I am sorry I am just not seeing your post. I don’t check the backend of the blog very often. Shortly after Luke got to NY he had complaints of really bad headaches and just not feeling right. After several people told him to GO SEE A DOCTOR he finally did and the news wasn’t good. He had a brain tumor. The treatments really took a toll on him and being ALONE in NY wasn’t much fun. Several people from Purdue tried to help, were there often and even were making arrangements to bring him here to aid in his recovery. Sadly he died alone in his apartment. We held a memorial here in Lafayette for him and his family did something back home. I have sent your note to Kim Arnold, she also is a co-worker and was really close to him. Hopefully she’s feeling up to talking with you.

  • Christina Brachard

    I got to know Luke when I spent a year at the University of Utah in Salt Lake City some 25 years ago, where he studied military history. He was one of the first people I met there and over the months we became friends. We even had a class together, German – English translation. Before I went back to Germany, he gave me a framed black-and-white photography of his cat, and after so many years it was exactly this picture that made me search for Luke on the internet. I had found it again tidying up the attic a couple of weeks ago. I am so sorry to find this here and to learn what happened to him. He was such a nice guy and I will never forget him.

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