Friday 5/22 what a busy day

WOW!  It’s 10 pm and I have finally sat down for the evening.  What did we accomplish today?  We left Lake Havasu City and headed for Blythe to see the Palo Verde Dam.  A quick sit down at another Mexican resturaunt. BTW you can’t go 2 feet without seeing a local Mexican Resturaunt.  Then to 310 to Yuma, ok not really we took interstate 8.  Check in at the hotel and then a quick trip to the Imperial Dam. OH but to get there you had to drive throught the Yuma Proving Grounds.  Awesome!  Back to the hotel to clean up and then it’s dinner at Burgers and Beer.  Oh but we aren’t done yet.  We drove “down town” to make a quick visit at the local F.O.E. #398.

Far to sleepy to create a proper blog post with pictures so hopefully this will keep you on your toes till tomorrow or so.

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