Good Morning from Cincinnati

Well as you know nothing ever goes like it should.  I mean really I try very hard but it NEVER works out that way.  The plan:  Depart work at 2 pm, pack up things play with dogs and head to Carla’s 2:45 then depart for IND 3pm, pick up Ruck 4 pm and head to Cincinnati to arrive 6pm.  Hopefully get to the hotel and to dinner by 7:30.  AHAHHAHAHHAH!!!!  Well things got a rough kick in the nads when KLT was requested to be on an important phone call at you guessed it 2 pm.  Now that will leave me to pack up everything in the rain by myself.  Well as if that were not enough there was a COP (change of plans) with the dog arrangements.  Now Kim will take her and her mom will come to IN.  What does this mean?  Well it means I got caught with my pants down, I had decided to let the OCD rest and NOT CLEAN the house before leaving.  I always clean the house and change sheets before I go.  Well not this time.  OMG PEOPLE ARE COMING OVER TO USE THE TUB AND STUFF? ! Now I have to clean the house.  CRAP!  Then the phone call ran long.  Basically we we ran 39 minutes behind. 

Well we check into the hotel, it’s kind of older but clean.  Valet parking cost $19 and there are no bell hops? What?  Off to dinner, our choice was Rock Bottom Brewery.  The beer was amazing, soo smooth.  I had the: Bourbonzola Burger, Featuring our Jim Beam® Bourbon glaze, Gorgonzola cheese, smoked peppercorn, onion straws.  It was quite tasty. The Cadillac Ranch and in finding this link I discover it is a chain.  It was OMG loud and they have large garage doors that were open so the humidity level was like 88%.  So the story goes like this $20 to get in $38 for 6 drinks Carla on the mechanical bull priceless. 

And for the morning we have cooked and eaten breakfast cassesrole.  YUM!!  What will the day bring?  I don’t know the festival starts at noon but the Pub Uglies are not on till 7:30. 

Till later.

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