Hearing the truth

It has become so obvious to me lately that people have a hard time getting past their beliefs. In a conversation recently someone said “No one tells the truth anymore.” For a few days I pondered this and decided that there are people who do tell the truth but their beliefs are so loud that they can’t hear it. Think about it:

“Your beliefs are so loud that you can’t hear the truth.”

After having some time to think about this even further I can see this happening all over the place. Adults who act like children when it comes to food and food choices. I was a very picky child and ate ketchup on everything, now I won’t touch ketchup. I know there are some things that I don’t care for and other things that I really don’t like (watermelon) but I am an adult who can put down my belief of “OH I don’t like that” and try something new. I can also be polite and not make a fuss, an art long forgotten.

I see people who believe that they/their job is so important that they can’t be bothered with keeping up with what is happening in the world today. Example my friend was a bit puzzled when following up with a company located in Texas and they had a recorded message that they were closed due to the weather. It was beyond her why and it was an inconvenience for her. This was Friday and we had been talking about #Harvey coming for how long? Her belief of work, work, work comes first is so loud she missed out on some very important world news. Wonder if she knows about N. Korea and their shenanigans? I guess her theory is that someone will call her and tell her things she needs to know; but I have tried that when bad storms are approaching (she never watches the weather either) telling her to stay at work or get her butt home.

I know so many people that think their way is right and it is the only way but if they stopped to hear someone’s truth there might be some other options available. How many times have you dealt with someone at work like that? Someone that just believes it to be so, therefor it must be.

Not to get to political but this seems very important right now. I see so many people that are so stuck in their belief that they just aren’t seeing what is being done. Not coming out with a stern statement regarding the Nazi/White supremacist makes a pretty loud statement that you don’t have an issue with this behavior; if you don’t think people should “protest” (really they are demonstrating/gathering to be seen and heard) decisions #45 makes, if you think the presidential pardon (even before sentencing) of Sheriff Joe is just OK; if you think trying to bring back coal mining jobs is a great idea then your belief in the republican party isn’t letting you hear the truth.

So how do you get people to hear the truth? How do you tell someone that they are being held up by a belief they hold so dear? How do we make progress? What if you see someone’s behavior/actions and think that they are being a hypocrite? Their belief is that this XYZ thing is wrong but can’t see or hear the truth that they are being no better? How?

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