I swear next year I will get through the holidays with more grace and origination!

So I just wanted to share with the entire world that I will be presenting at SQLSaturday Cleveland. Yes we fly out Friday the 7th and return on Sunday the 9th.  I have booked the hotel and car the only thing left is to figure out how we get to and from the airport. If you are looking for something to do come see me Saturday the 8th as I present “45 min to your first SSRS Report”. Fun thing is I am going to try and do the entire presentation from my Microsoft Surface Pro.


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  • Bradley

    You were fantastic! I loved your session and I am even more convinced that SSRS would be a great replacement for our current report software (Evil Crystal Reports). Is the scheduled email delivery hard to setup in an enterprise environment with Exchange? The scheduling alone would save me a ton of time since right now at work (I work for a non profit that isn’t very advanced) they have me running report monthly and weekly. They then wonder why I don’t have time to write many new reports. I wish I could have convinced our IT staff to attend to see how quickly we could begin with SSRS. IT wants to create a reporting system with similar options as SSRS using Access. I hope you enjoyed your time in Ohio and that you were able to stay warm!

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