Houston, you are clear to land.

In other news I am going to Houston, Texas. I am sure many folks are thinking “So what?” or “Who cares?”  And guess what? That isn’t going to prevent me from telling you about it.  😀

There are a few things that are going to make this trip different, special and somewhat stressful. I will be making my first solo trip, yup I have never flown alone. No where, not ever. To be honest I have only made a few driving trips alone. I believe that would be Michigan in the late 90s and several trips back and forth to Nashville during our transition period. So this will be what I like to call SCARY FUN!

First stop on my trip will be SQLSaturday . Allen KinselB L O G  |  TWITTER  ]  and his crew will be hosting a bunch of us crazy data people on May 10, 2014 at the San Jacinto College – South Campus. The schedule looks pretty awesome and a few of these presenters are coming out of BACon in CA headed for TechEd North America.  Many of my dear friends like Denny CherryB L O G  |  TWITTER  ], Karen LopezB L O G  |  TWITTER  ] and Joseph  D’AntoniB L O G  |  TWITTER  ] will be there.

I will be giving my session on building SSRS reports in under 45 minutes. If you are new to SSRS, just curious, a DBA, Database Dev or Data Analyst that is tired of running the same quires daily then this is the session for you!

On Sunday if I know my girl KarlaB L O G  |  TWITTER  ] very well at all I am sure her and I will be looking for some beach time. Yeah we are both huge fans of the sand, sun and water. If you don’t know Karla then let me tell you about her. She is THE PASS community evangelist. Her role is crucial to the success of PASS chapters, SQLSaturdays and the sanity of us that volunteer to do these things. She travels the world and represents PASS at SQLSaturday events, larger conferences like BACon, Summit and TechEd.

Monday starts TechEd North America 2014. I will be frequently found at the PASS booth. My job is to represent PASS and spread the #SQLlove. Please stop by and see me.  Last year at TechEd had many folks stop by to ask serious can you help questions, a few people wanted to know how to find a chapter and some just wanted to hang with other data people. I am totally looking forward to this week of hanging with my peeps! And in other really exciting news I will participating in SPEAKER IDOL! I don’t have the details yet I just know that I need to get practicing a 5 min talk about anything and including demos/code is useful. I am thinking that BIT bit me in the BUTT is my topic, but we’ll see.

I hope to see you!

P.S. If you have been wondering about my odd  S P A C I N G  on links it is due to the fact that I have become a Microsoft Surface user. I read a lot in bed and I find a lot of times those little links are hard to hit with your finger.

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