it’s saturday

I have been a little side tracked this week, there is just a lot going on.  I have been testing an application and having to do things out of order.  Also had to let someone know at the exact moment that I broke anything due to the timing and urgency.  This means that my test summary document will be incredibly screwed up.  🙂  But I did find something really interesting.  Our security department implemented a new auth page to run on Apache Tomcat, that’s really nice of them.  It’s called CAS auth.  Well funny some moron decided to set the login to only >2 are valid.  Nice since about 64 people have 2 character logins.  😉  W00T! for me.

Gwen has had a minor issue this week, anal glands.  She started acting down about Wednesday so on Thursday I took a stab at expressing them myself.  OMG for the love of all things good and holy.  I choked and gaged for about 10 minutes after that 30 second ordeal.  Poor thing, she’s still not better and no one can see her on Saturday.  🙁  So we must wait and watch her lay around in pain.  Maybe she’s not in pain but you can sure tell it is uncomfortable. 

Last night there was an ARS mini-meet for the Indy crew.  Some geeks are in town for Gen Con.  We met at the Broad Ripple Brew Pub, it is nicely situated near theMonon Trail.  After that a trip to ??? for some geeky Karaoke.  It was lots of fun.  Unfortunately I slept all the way home, I mean it was good for me but not the KLT.  The best part of last night?!  On the drive down we used my phone as the internet connection to KLT’s lappy and shut down servers while on the interstate doing 70+ mph.  I was playing server admin!! 

Well I think I need about 4 days off and it to rain all of them so I can get some work done.  The house is in dire need of cleaning, I need to update some software, rebuild by phone, transfer photos and perform a back up.  I am sure that isn’t even 1/2 of it. 

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