KT & T – 2008 the year in review

So what a year 2008 turned out to be. We started out 08 in Indianapolis with our dear friends Dan and Tara. My how we have fun together. After that we drove home on Jan 1 and the weather was crappy windy and snowing. Then February rolled in and our neighbors got a puppy. Not just any puppy a basset hound female. They had issues giving her the time and attention she needed, I was certain that she would be my baby girl one day. I took her water, toys and spent time playing with her when I could.  She got very excited as I would pull in the drive and would what I fondly call “basset hound me”.  If you have a basset you know that look.  Here she is on a cold February day tied out front of their house. 


There was Easter and birthdays all through the spring. Late in March we decided to visit Nashville, TN and our good friend Sam. That was the begining of a new idea. Why not move to Nashville. The weather is nicer, the jobs are plentiful and there is no state income tax. It seemed like a good idea but it was quickly put on a back burner as our lives continued on. But just incase I bought new cowboy boots at the prompting of KLT to “DOOOO ET”. They are the single most expensive thing that I own to wear.


There was Ada’s 90th birthday and Mother’s day and more birthdays to celebrate. Keeping up with everyone is really hard. On May 30th a big storm blew through town. It was pretty bad up north of us. I got worried enough to collect my needed personal items and prepare the interior bath room for a quick cover. Meanwhile KLT stood in the kitchen with the patio door open and took pictures of a possible wall cloud with great rotation. What we found really funny about the whole ordeal was the fact that the EMS Sirens were going off while we were standing on the front porch looking at the clear skies, stars and moon.


In June (2 weeks in June)we both attended conferences. KLT went to Tech Ed in Orlando and I followed along for some much needed rest, relaxation and outlet mall shopping. That is where I bought the second most expensive thing I own, my swim suit.  We were home for about 1 day, it was this day that we were asked to take Suzie the neighbors basset hound. Then we boarded another Southwest and headed to Las Vegas so I could attend (Mercury World) HP Conference. We also added a few extra days so we could go to Zion National Park in Utah. Along the way we stopped at Dinosaur Tracks!!


We spent a lot of time this summer in the pool. Now KLT has 2 girls that he has to drag out of the pool.


In September we went to Cincinnati with Ruck and Carla. What a great weekend. We visited Jungle Jim’s, the Celtic Festival and a couple of bars.


I picked up blogging as if it were my job and try to take a picture a day even tried a picture an hour for 24 hours (08/08/08). Maybe I will have better luck this year (09/09/09). I started decorating my table as though it was important. Using flats of material that I purchased for later projects as a starting point. I now have a drawer stuffed full of cloth napkins and another full of table cloths and place mats. In August KLT got really mad and started working on his resume. I mean mine had been, hit regularly and I had taken it down as I didn’t feel we were ever getting out of this place. But on that life changing night I went to bed and he came with laptop in tow. He slammed it shut and proclaimed “well that is done! My resume is on Monster.” I roll over and return to sleep not giving it another thought until the next day when phone calls and emails started rolling in. About 4 weeks later he had secured a job as a full fledged MS SQL DBA in Nashville TN.

We have had to deal with his parents, ok mostly his mother, the death of 2 family members on my Grandma’s side, my brother’s divorce, my other brother’s break up with long time girl and the start of their new relationships, the loss of a friend and a lot of STUPID managment at work. We drove miles just to make everyone somewhat happy at the cost of our own happiness. This year for Christmas we were just here alone in Nashville with our Xbox and ROCK BAND. Over all we are enjoying each other and all of our wonderful friends and trying to work in our hobbies; photos, traveling, Eve, sewing, finding new places to eat, blogging and cooking. I have left out a lot here but there is only so much my readers should have to endure.  Currently one house is for sale, the other is getting a new bathroom or two before going to market and the Nashville Apartment is coming along. 

My favorite picture of the year.


Farewell 2008 and I thank God for all the new friends you have brought into my life, the new challenges and all of the new things that I learned.

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