NEW Community Zone for #summit

This note is coming to you from the EXIT row of a Southwest 737 -700 series bound for SEA. I am not the best flyer(sometimes I need a pill or drink to actually get me on the plane) but I have educated myself and today was a bit of stress for me. Thunderstorm line coming in from the West and leaving late really didn’t help. Did I mention that was my direction of flight? It’s all good at this point as I am in the air and I have paid Southwest air $5 to have internets.

I want to tell you about the NEW Community Zone!!

This year there will be an entire area dedicated to the SQL Community/#sqlfamily. It is located near 4C on the Sky Bridge. The book store and the SQL Clinic are in that area also. The Community is what holds us all together. There will be areas for just lounging, and areas for connecting, I honestly can’t wait and wish I was sitting there now. 🙂 ( Well what do you expect I am still on a plane).

They are here for everything! There will be a daily session for those interested in or thinking about adventuring out into speaking, they will post these sessions times on the board.  If you have ever wondered what it would be like  I recommend that you find a session and sit in. Let me know and if I can I will go with you. I am lucky in that according to my parents I don’t know any strangers so the public speaking has never been much of an issue I have too many other things to stress about. There will also be plenty of community supporters there to help you find a user group in your area or help you figure out what it takes to start one. There are many community members with experience in starting new groups and they love to help. There are daily activities/questions that will help you earn a little *bling* for your lanyard. You will find me there in my scheduled slot from 3-4 pm on Wednesday and randomly throughout the conference. I love my community because I feel that they are a big part of me being the person that I am today so with that I always try to pay it forward.

Also new this year is a game we are calling “SQL around the World”. You should probably bring your camera Wednesday and visit the Community Zone to see what it is all about. I will give you a few hints:

  • It involves finding folks from a different country than yours.
    • Should be easy I notice we have a few folks from different countries in our First Timers group!!!!  So now may be the time to start working together.
    • You get an extra chance at winning for getting pictures with folks from other countries.
    • You must pick up a card in the Community Zone and return it to win.

The prizes are AWESOME!!! –like I want to win, but that would not be fair as I have painted my toe nails SQL SATURDAY colors! I am already a winner!!

If you are suddenly afraid of other geeks please let me know and I will introduce you to everyone that I know and even those I don’t if they are in the Community Zone!



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