Orange County, but not including choppers

I am speaking in CA!

At least I don’t think it will include custom choppers. <SMILE> Well it appears that my good friends in Orange County have invited me to speak at their SQLSaturday. This event is happing on April 26, 2014 at the Goldenwest College. This will be #SQLSat289, and that sounds confusing because I did #SQLSat295 just a short while ago. You see you can commit to (sign the contract) up to 180 days out but no later than 120 days. So it is possible to be later in the calendar year but earlier in the numbering schema. Side note we are not hear to discuss or debate the numbering convention, yes I know many don’t like it. I am thinking however I would have liked this one better if it were named Huntington Beach SQLSaturday. I like beaches.

What is there to do in OC? I may a little bit of free time. So my BING search says it’s all beachy! AWESOME just how I like it.

If you don’t already have plans you should come visit us there is a great line up of speakers. It looks like my friends  Denny Cherry [  B L O G  |  TWITTER  ] , Kerry Tyler [  B L O G  |  TWITTER  ]   and  Karen Lopez [  B L O G  |  TWITTER  ] are all going to be there. But there are many other folks that I know and adore that will be there too, you should check out the schedule because I can’t list them all.  I recently got an event update and it looks like they have things shaping up rather nicely. Looking forward to hanging out with #SQLFamily and spreading the #SQLLove. I will hopefully get to wear my NEW SQLSaturday shirt. Yeah I am having a plain SQLSat logo applied to a sleeveless golf type shirt. It is the going trend to got give speakers a shirt and I don’t have a good candidate for short sleeves to wear.

See you in California! <-did you hear me say that like ARNOLD? Well I did.

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