Out and Acing again

Quick Update

Well if you haven’t heard I had to have surgery on my knee.  It appears that I had a pretty messy meniscus and on 3/19 I had it cleaned up.  The first week wasn’t fun and finding out that it might take 4-6 months before I’m back to 100% normal didn’t make this process any easier. It looks like I’ll do a few more PT sessions next week before heading out of town. But I am feeling pretty confident in my abilities and have come to terms with the things that I can’t. On the left is one of the before photos, those threads and rough edges are the tears. On the right is the after they remove all rough edges.

20180321_213622071_iOS (2)

Where am I going?

So after a nearly 2-month break from the road, I am super excited that I will be traveling to Wheeling, WV to speak at #SQLSatWheeling and to represent Idera.  Now I know that some of you are thinking WHY on earth would you want to go to Wheeling, WV.  Here is my short list that I used for justifying this Kerry.

  • The flights were $92 each way.
  • Angela Tidwell [  twitter blog  ] and John Sterrett [  twitterblog  ], need I say more?
  • Wheeling is a small market and they have had 2 previous events #36 & #80 and now #717.  I really want for smaller events to be successful, I want to do what I can to help and presenting for them is pretty easy to do.

What am I going to present?

I’m presenting “45 Min to your first SSRS Report“. Yes, you read that correctly. I am bringing back from the dead the very first presentation that I did for #SQLSat212 in Kansas City on August 12, 2012. I’m guessing you are wondering why I would do such a thing.  Well, I think that SSRS received some much needed updates in the last several years and is still a worthy Business Intelligence tool. But I realized no one is talking about it any more.  So I’m updating the slide deck, demos, and the whole kit & caboodle! So if you are curious about SSRS, some of the new features and how to make a quick report this session is for you.

Thank you, Idera!






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