Product Review – Lappy drive enclosure


So amongst my deliveries the other day I received my package from Included were 2 more HDMI cables, a auto charger for the Sansa and a external HD enclosure for a 2.5″ lappy drive.  I have now on more than one occasion needed to gather data off when the machine had died or the boot partition croaked.  Since I was ordering a replacement HDMI cable and a cable for a friend I decided to check out monoprice and see if they had any ribbon cables or hell just anything to salvage my data.  They had this little number who’s comments were “concerning” (cheap and plastic) but for the 1 time use I wasn’t worried.  I was impressed that the case was metal and the USB was a regular USB to mini.  Awesome as I have a dozen of those cables.


Isn’t cute?  And coming in at just over $6 dollars how can you not like it.  Oddly enough there were no instructions.  No warnings and no tags or labels to remove.


Here is the HD connector at first glance I was puzzled as the connector was a receptical for pins and the harddrive had some sort flat connector with gold tabs on each side. So with no instructions and not a clue. I start poking at the hard drive and realize that there is a plastic “cap” on the end and once I pry it off there are the pins I was looking for.

^See here is the cause of my issues.

After we had everything in the enclosure it was time to hook her up and pray to the data Gods that my drive was not the cause of the lappy death. TADA! Look my drive and all it’s contents. It took NOTHING! to grab the data and then format the drives. All in all the the best $6 dollars I have spent in a while and it comes with a cute little pleather case to store it in.

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