Product Review – SanDisk 8gb SD cards – OH HELL YEAH!

I am pretty sure that there are a couple of companies out there that just know how to pull my credit card out of my pocket and get me to hit check out.  SanDisk knows the way to this girls hear OMG buy 3 SD cards, free shipping and mail in rebate.  Earlier in 2008 SanDisk ran a sale on 4 gb cards, I bought 3 and got a $75 rebate.  So honestly I am pretty set on SD cards I have 3-4gb cards, a 2 gb and 2- 1 gb cards.  Wonder what happened when right before Christmas I got an email alerting me about a 3 card deal on 8 gb cards?  Well of course I bought 3 SD cards for me and 3 CF cards for KLT.  I had no issue with the first rebate and it’s not been long enough to worry about the additional rebates.  🙂  So I say if you run across an opportunity like this DOOOOO EEEEET!


 I want to tell you what I think about my SanDisk cards. OMG !!!  378 raw plus jpgs on one card and I have 3 of them.  That is ~1100 pictures with out ever dumping a card.  Don’t forget I get 1 jpg and 1 raw so really that’s 2200, If I only shot RAW it would be more like ~1400.  The only downside is that this ruins all of KLT’s plans to throw the pictures across our own little network and duplicate them on the spot the next time I did a wedding.  😉

The little pouch that comes with each card is nice, I like to toss it in my purse so I can work on photos at work.  My earlier purchase also gave me 3 USB SD card readers so that is incredibly awesome.  I am fully equipped with enough SD space to actually keep pictures on them as a back up until all files are copied from the laptop to the media server.  🙂

I am currently using one fo the cards in my purse lappy for extra storage.  You can believe that when they offer the next size for this good of a deal I will be buying them!!

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