Resturant Review – Nashville Aquarium

So we had friends come through town and they wanted to meet up for dinner.  A wonderful surprise and it felt weird as we don’t really live in Nashville just yet.  They have a toddler and wanted to eat some place that would be entertaining for her.  They gave us the options to pick from Macaroni Grill, Nashville Aquarium and Dave & Busters.  We stayed with our first choice the Aquarium.  OMG it is located in the Opry Mills Mall.  For those who know me well you know that I HATE the mall and I really hate crowds of people.  As we were looking for a parking spot I could feel my anxiety kicking in and my blood pressure elevating.  WHEW! This is going to be fun right? 

So it is much like the Rainforest Cafe if you have ever seen one, of course I find out later that they are the same company.  As you walk in there is a giant arch of fish tank and inside is 1 of everyone’s favorite and probably the most famous fish ever, NEMO.  Yes they have a clown fish but please don’t tell all the children that it’s not Nemo I am pretty sure I couldn’t handle the screaming.  No picture as it was too full of people all the time. But here is the entrance. Personally I am a fan of the bubbles.

They have a pretty big selection on their menu.  I started out with a TIDAL WAVE: Skyy Vodka, DeKuyper Banana Liqueur, Peachtree Schnapps, Blue Curacao with Sweet and Sour…$7.99. Come on it’s a blue drink it won’t be bad or let you down! Could of done without the Martini glass since we had a little one at the table but she didn’t even make a move for it. I did find it odd that they would serve fish in a place filled with fish tanks. I mean it’s a 200,000 gallon tank that had a real diver in it for a bit.


So they bring you FREE and FRESH sour dough bread with butter.  YUM.  Very nice. 


For dinner Kerry had the Asian Sea Bass and Shrimp with rice and seasonal veggies and I had the Chicken Fried Chicken with mashed potatoes, gravy on the side and seasonal veggies.  I have to say our meals were good the breading on the chicken was nice and light and the chicken was moist.  Somewhat of a problem though is that the food (both of ours not sure about the others) was nearly cold or barely warm.  Not exactly what you are looking for at ~$20 a plate. Service was also very lacking as we didn’t get refills.

Over all the place was not bad and if people were visiting and wanted to go there I could bring myself to go without a whole lot of anxiety.  The biggest issue was the $$ for what you were getting and the lack of service.  Service can be different but you do pay a lot more for what I would consider regular food.

As a side note we inquired about how many of these restaurants there actually are and the answer was 4 but now they are down to 2.  Apparently two of the restaurants were destroyed by the Hurricanes.  I can’t seem to find that information.  🙁  Laundry’s owns many restaurants plus hotels.

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