SAY WHAT? TechEd?!

You won’t believe this, heck a few weeks ago either would I. Oh sorry that seems like a set up that might be disappointing once I tell you what I have to say. I am going to TechEd 2013 in New Orleans and will be representing PASS.

I bet you are wondering how this happened? Well apparently someone cancelled and someone else was already going on the company dime. So I was asked if I wanted to go. And well after a few discussions Kerry said “just book it and we have the rest of the year to pay for it”. Now here is where the story gets even stranger through after an odd turn of events Kerry is also able to go. I guess it sometimes pays to never take vacation and your boss knows you are nearing the end of the year so you’ll loose it. So it’s a ROAD TRIP! Yes you read that right we will be driving and it looks to be about 7.5 hours. If we leave at 8 am we should be there just in time for some really crappy traffic I am assuming.

So what will I be doing? I will be practicing my new Regional Mentor role representing PASS in the Community Zone. This means I will be telling anyone that will listen about SUMMIT 2013 and how they need to get to Charlotte. I should be able to assist folks in finding a local or virtual chapter if they didn’t already know about it. One great thing is I get to talk about SQLSAT and how it’s a free event that us die-hards just volunteer to do. Kerry will also be helping at the booth, us girls will need a potty break sooner or later. I have also heard that you will find Joey and Allen hanging out with us.

When were we last at TechEd? Well that would be June 2008 in Orlando. Kerry was attending the conference and I was laying by the pool. We did pay for me to go to the final party at Universal. The crazy thing about that trip was we went to conferences back to back. His in Orlando and then I had one for testing in Vegas the next week. We called it 2 Weeks in June, you can see the photos. I just went back and read a few of the blog post from those trips, LOLZ I was such a goober back then.

Because it is my blog and I can do what I want I have to share what happened when I asked Kerry if he wanted to go. I called him while he was on his way to work on a lovely Friday morning and asked “How much do you love me?” where the response was “awe crap”.  Not really what one would expect but hey. Followed by “a lot why?” me “wanna go to Tech Ed?” and then “ARE YOU KIDDING ME, my boss isn’t going to like this.” Oh what fun. The best part is that his boss doesn’t understand any of this. Not one once of #SQLFAMILY, #SQLCommunity, #PASS or #SQLHelp run through his veins. Any guess on why that is? Nope, he’s an ex-Oracle guy.

Ok gang, hope to see you in New Orleans and now you’ll know where to find me.

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