Spring 2014 Where’s Waldo?

OMG spring is shaping up so nicely I can hardly stand it. But just to keep you informed of where you might find sightings of me I am putting together a little blog post. I try to keep it updated, we’ll see how that goes this time!

Date Where What Notes Status
4/5 Las Vegas, NV SQLSaturday #295 Accepted All travel plans made.
4/23 Orange County, CA SQLSaturday #289 Submitted – waiting All travel plans made.
5/7-9 San Jose, CA PASS BA Conference Submitted – not accepted Sad panda.
5/3 Atlanta, GA SQLSaturday #285 Submitted – Accepted Driving! & I get to visit IKEA!
5/10 Houston, TX SQLSaturday #308 Submitted – Accepted All travel plans are made.
5/12-15 Houston, TX MS TechEd Find me at the PASS booth All travel plans made. (except Thur)
6/7 Philadelphia, PA SQLSaturday #294 Submitted – Accepted Tickets purchased today!
Summer Louisville, KY SQLSaturday #286 Considering
Summer Indianapolis, IN SQLSaturday #304 HELL YEAH BABY! – #loveyouhope

I can’t wait to see my #SQLFamily. So many exciting things happening in this list. Texas will be my first ever solo-trip and I am throwing caution to the wind with no hotel reservation for the last night, hopefully one of my friends will let me crash on their couch.


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