#SQLSatIndy, Shaving Yak and Power BI

You are probably wondering how these things are all related. I love summer, when there isn’t a signed SOW I can find a million things to do outdoors. I love being out in the sun. This leaves me very unmotivated to be indoors doing things, like writing new presentations. Hence the problem.

The Indianapolis SQLSaturday is near and dear to our hearts. First we love Hope Foley  [   BLOG   |   TWITTER   ], she’s one kick ass woman and she’ really an inspiration. Next Indy is only an hour away from our family and they were the first user group I ever attended. So it’s no surprise that we both submitted to speak there. Now where all the fun comes in. In my infinite wisdom I had decided I wanted to do a new session on Power BI and figured Indy was a great opportunity to work out the kinks. Because Power BI changes on a weekly basis I decided to wait till the last minute to write this session, this is totally not something I would normally do.  So here we are not much more than a week out and I am still working on this session and in run the Yak ready to be shaved.


Sharky needs friends in the pool, so I HAD to put this Lego set together. (AKA Yak)

The sun is shinning, the yard & pool are calling my name, my house needs cleaned and here I sit shaving yak and pretending I am working on that new session.  OR writing this blog post and doing laundry.


Here are the fine details:

Thursday 8/6 – Late we’ll arrive in INDY

Friday 8/7 – KLT to work in the morning, Free all afternoon till the speaker dinner at 7:30 PM

Saturday 8/8 – SQLSatIndy <- Register and Details.
            Come see us present on Power BI.

10:30 AM – 11:30 AM       Kerry is presenting “Connecting Power BI to On-Prem SSAS Tabular
10:30 AM – 11:30 AM       I am presenting Primer on Power BI

Sunday 8/9 – I am visiting with my mom & step-dad, but generally free till dinner./KLT headed to the MotoGP with Joey & Kelly.

Monday 8/10 – YUCK Drive home

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