SQLSaturday Nashville!

Wow, how do things get so out of control? One day I am packing getting ready for Summit 2013 and pushing the button on Nashville’s SQLSaturday; the next minute I am freaking out that there is like 2 weeks before the big day. In that small run of less than 120 days I have done the following; went to summit (October), drove to Kalamazoo for SQLSat, spent 2 days in Fort Wayne, spent 1 night in Kokomo, there was Thanksgiving for 8 at my house, dad’s bday, Kerry’s bday, I catered lunch for 12 and a cocktail party for another 12, Christmas, I quit my job, went to Napa for a wine tour and got snowed out so I will be spending 2 extra days in San Diego.

So this is my first SQLSaturday to be the chair for, the first time to be responsible for all of it. Now don’t get scared I have done a ton of event planning in my day. I worked in the office of Development and alumni relations for The School of Technology at Purdue. I got to be apart of many great events and plan many just for our school. Because our school didn’t have a huge budget I always had to be creative and come up with cost effective ways to get the job done.

I will be writing a blog series on some of the things that we did for Nashville.  You will just have to hang on until after it’s all over.

I won’t be speaking at this event I have way to many things going on to worry about that. I hope to see a ton of my friends and I can’t wait to get the feed back to see how everyone feels so that next year it can even be better.

I will give you one thing I am really excited about, it’s our Pre-Cons. A pre-con for a SQLSaturday is a whole day of training offered for a ridiculously low price. Current price is $125 (+eventbrite fees). You can’t get a full day of professional training by some of the industry’s best at a better rate anywhere. We have Denny Cherry [  BLOG   |   Twitter  ] presenting   and David Klee [  BLOG   |  Twitter  ] presenting .  I really wish I had the time to attend one. If you want more details check our our SQLSaturday home page: http://www.sqlsaturday.com/272/eventhome.aspx.

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