Stop visiting she’s not your puppy anymore

I know this seems really harsh but the reality of the matter is that you couldn’t take care of her and you gave her up.  She is my baby girl now. 

 Last night when we were returning to my house from KLT’s we had separate cars.  I pull in the drive and start to unload a few things when the neighbors pull in.  Well great KLT is close behind with a truck load of dogs, and he’s dressed and in a hurry to go ride his bicycle.  Before he gets there the neighbor ask if they can come see the dog tonight.  I tell her maybe that Suzie has been out in the pool and playing all day without a nap this makes her cranky in the evening.  She laughs and says they are worse than kids.  OH great here comes KLT.  Now they have decided they are just coming over for a minute.  The 2 year olds idea of petting Suzie is hitting her and the brat child wants to hold her leash, is trying to show the other neighbor kid about Suzie and is wanting her to jump up on him.  OH NOES! We don’t want that cause I should not have to explain why I got her spayed and it’s a bad habit to allow.  It’s like mass chaos and then KLT leaves. GREAT! and then he returns.  Basically he felt sorry for me and didn’t want me to be stuck there explaining the “fixing” thing alone.  WOW!  Finally they all leave and order is almost restored.  Suzie stands there and barks till I put her in her room and make her take a nap. 

So how do you say “NO” when they are already there?  Can I lie and say the vet thinks it would be better if you didn’t come over?


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