STS-132 Atlantis Last Ride – We are here.

Well the last two days have been REALLY long days.  Tuesday I went to work.  I did such a great job of wrapping things up that I had nothing to do for the last hour that I was there.  Yeah fun times, I had to stay to make sure everyone saw I was there.  Then it was off to the bank, home to pack the coolers, load the car and get the dogs to the vet.  That didn’t go as planned.  Took 1 hour to get to the bank and home.  SUCK!  So finally at about 10 minutes until 6 pm we rolled out of our Arrington home south bound for the SPACE COAST!!  We drove until Macaon GA, which was midnight local.  Back up and on the road by 6:30 am in an attempt to get our KSC visitor center passes and spending some time there.  WHOO HOO we made it.  Oh but that presented a problem, my lack of clothes for this said event.  Oh well there is always a Wal*Mart close by.  So we spent the day at the space center then to our hotel, out to dinner back and some picture work.  We left this morning before 7:30 am and this included showers, repacking, moving rooms, and loading the car. 

So let me tell you about our facility and location.  We are in a large white tent, with air cond, wi-fi at a nice 6-top round table with POWER!!  The location, just a stones throw from the count down clock.  NO REALLY.  The other greatness, the car with our food and drinks is just a short walk away and there is a bathroom with FLUSHIES!! 

Bandwidth here is shaky at best so picture loads may have to wait until tonight.

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