Summit 2017

Well here we are that time of year again, FALL and full up pumpkin spice. But more importantly it’s time to make your plans for PASS Summit 2017. Kerry had a work requirement to write a bunch of blog post so I have unfortunately given him a loot of my good ideas. But I still have some good advice.

What to pack

  • A jacket that is good for rain and cold. Make sure it has plenty of pockets to hold all your goodies. I’ve actually sewn extra pockets on the inside of 2 jacket.
    • DON’T bring an umbrella. There is no where to stow then and a PITA to contend with. You’ll leave it in an Uber/Lyft anyway.
  • Battery pack for your phone. You may not be a chatty Cathy but you’ll be on your phone a lot to figure out where everyone is, using your map, checking your schedule and etc. (Costco has a cool 2 pk for $14.97 that comes with a charging stand.)
  • Water Bottle and/or coffee travel mug. You need to stay hydrated and it’s easy to forget to keep up on that when water is only served in small cups out of a dispenser. Coffee travel mugs are also great as you don’t have to worry about spilling coffee while walking around.
  • Comfortable shoes that you can walk a lot in.
  • Some cash and make it small bills. If you are new to traveling you should tip the skycap guys when you check your luggage, if you have a bell hop you should tip them and you should tip the house cleaning crew. A favorite trick of mine is to pack two dollar bills. People love it and they will remember you.  Also if you travel with others it’s nice to give them a few bucks for sharing the Uber/Lyft.
  • If you like carrying around a notebook, computer or extra times while at a conference you should bring a bag that you like to carry. The last several years have been a bag let down.
  • Ladies, I usually carry a purse and that’s usually fine. But I don’t like having to keep track of my purse or dumping on the floor in some bar/restaurant. I have bought this little guy and it’s great. I can put my phone, cards, lipstick, battery pack, ink pen and more. It’s light and the strap is long enough to go across my body. LOVE IT!

What to do before you leave for Summit

  • Go get some cash.
  • Download a ride share app and get yourself an account set up.
  • Schedule some times when you can call your family/signifant other/spouse. Set the appointments on your calendar.
  • Review the schedule to find sessions you are interested in going to. Pick more than one in each time slot and feel free to reach out to others for advice.
  • Get yourself some business cards printed. Vistaprint has great pricing and if you ask me I’ll send you a 20% off discount code.
  • Get a twitter account, make sure you have a photo and get a twitter app on your phone. It is the best way to know where people are so you can join them.
  • Make a list of things you want to see & do.

What to do while at Summit – day

  • Go to sessions, and pick 1 session that is not something you need to know for work. Pick something interesting, something fun or just something to broaden your mind.
  • Go to the community zone, hang out with other like minded folks and network.
  • Don’t sit alone and not talk at lunch. (I mean unless you really need to) Sit at a table and learn something new about someone.
  • Skip a session and do some serious networking. Seriously I’m available if you need some introductions.
  • One day sleep in and watch the Key Note from your room. You’ll get all the great info, feel like your cheating and it will boost your energy for the day.

What to do while at Summit – evening/extra

I have a list of personal favorite places to visit. I might not make it to all of them but I try.

  • World Spice Merchants. If you like to cook or you like loose tea they have a great selection. The ship USPS so it’s affordable. *You can order online.
  • The Truffle Café, they are such a cute little place I just love stopping in to see what’s new.
  • Woodinville, it’s a great destination for wine and they have a distillery that is adorable.
  • We did a food tour of Pike’s  Market one year. It was fun and we got some free samples along the way. Found a good deal on Groupon!


  • Starbucks, Pike Street Roastery,  up the street from the convention center has in house roasting and it is quite unique. They also sell the elusive black gift card that can only be bought there. It really sparks a lot of questions when you use it back home.
  • The Tasting Room.  Featuring only wines from Washington state this place is a little gem.
  • If Crepes are your thing then the La Creperie Voila is a great option and it’s right out side the convention center.
  • Tap House, not the greatest thing you will eat but they serve food pretty late, have a happy hour and a great beer selection.


I am sure that I have lots more groovy things that I could share with you but maybe short and simple is best. If you are looking for something particular let me know and I will see how I can help you. If this is your first Summit, don’t sweat the small stuff and I hope you have a great time. If you are a seasoned pro I am sure you didn’t read this.

See you all in about a week!





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