Brioche Dough Part 3 of 3 ~ Cinnamon Rolls

It has started to be a Christmas tradition that I make cinnamon rolls on Christmas Eve to be baked and enjoyed on Christmas morning. I have done this several years and have delivered unbaked pans of rolls to friends and family to make themselves. But since we are here in Nashville it’s just the 2 of us with no family and friends to deliver to. That is why this multi purpose dough is working out so well. So here we go!

Grab about a pound of dough from your dough bucket in the fridge. On a floured surface start working the dough and roll it out. I ended up with . . . → Read More: Brioche Dough Part 3 of 3 ~ Cinnamon Rolls

Brioche Dough Part 2 of 3 ~ Doughnuts and Doughnut holes.


So first thing I went to the fridge and grabbed what felt like enough (~1 lb). I rolled it out on a floured surface and cut doughnuts out, using the rest of the dough to make of course doughnut holes. The dough was a tick sticky so I was dusting with flour often and turning my dough. I made 4 doughnuts and about a dozen holes. In place of the round cutters that I still don’t own even though they have been on my Christmas list 3 years in a row I used a rocks glass to cut the big circle and my apple corer for the . . . → Read More: Brioche Dough Part 2 of 3 ~ Doughnuts and Doughnut holes.

Brioche Dough – Part 1 of 3 ~ Making the dough

There I was a few days before Christmas trying to figure out a better way to make cinnamon rolls for Christmas morning. Knowing that my friend Melissa uses the Artisan Bread In 5 Minutes a Day and that she just tweeted about making cinnamon rolls for the neighbors I asked her what she uses as her dough. She promptly replies ” ABi5 brioche dough“. As I panic to find the recipe I discover many post where you can use this dough to make doughnuts, dinner rolls, brioche rolls, tarts and of course cinnamon rolls. The best news is that she tells me I have 10 days, yes 10 days to . . . → Read More: Brioche Dough – Part 1 of 3 ~ Making the dough

Snicker Doodles

I was given this great book 101 Things to do with a cake mix, while I have only tried a few things one of my absolute favorites is the snickerdoodle recipe. Now I know it’s the Holidays and folks are needing thousands of cookies but since it is just the two of us this is a great recipe as it is QUICK and only produces about 2 dozen cookies. As I sat down to write this post I wondered “Why do they call them snicker doodles there aren’t any snickers in them?” Well a handy dandy BING search took me to the Wikipedia page for snickerdoodles and I wonder no . . . → Read More: Snicker Doodles

“Mexican Wedding Cakes”

Butterballs, Russian Tea Cake

Yesterday I set out to make Mexican Wedding Cakes, I new darn well that they in fact were not Mexican or wedding cakes so why on earth did we call them that? My research on this didn’t bring me any really good answers or even a <blockquote> to enhance the smartness of this page. All I found is that they were call Russian Tea Cakes until about the 1950s when the Mexican Wedding Cake term started being used. The guess is that it was because of our strained relationship with Russia at the time. Hmmm, can anyone say “Freedom Fries”.

Tea Cakes are a from . . . → Read More: “Mexican Wedding Cakes”

Irish Carbomb Cup Cakes

Well Deb over at Smitten Kitchen posted this Irish Carbomb Cup Cake recipe she had made these for a friend. Well KLT and I just LOVE IRISH CARBOMBS!!! So of course I have to make these cup cakes. Now I don’t want to ruin it for you but I was disappointed in the over all end product. The cake part is great, the ganache is really wonderful and the Baileys Irish Cream frosting is AWESOME! I just feel that the flavors are not evenly distributed enough. KLT however likes the hidden surprise of ganache. So what’s in store for Tammy? I have 2 thoughts on this matter 1) try to . . . → Read More: Irish Carbomb Cup Cakes