Snicker Doodles

I was given this great book 101 Things to do with a cake mix, while I have only tried a few things one of my absolute favorites is the snickerdoodle recipe. Now I know it’s the Holidays and folks are needing thousands of cookies but since it is just the two of us this is a great recipe as it is QUICK and only produces about 2 dozen cookies. As I sat down to write this post I wondered “Why do they call them snicker doodles there aren’t any snickers in them?” Well a handy dandy BING search took me to the Wikipedia page for snickerdoodles and I wonder no . . . → Read More: Snicker Doodles

“Mexican Wedding Cakes”

Butterballs, Russian Tea Cake

Yesterday I set out to make Mexican Wedding Cakes, I new darn well that they in fact were not Mexican or wedding cakes so why on earth did we call them that? My research on this didn’t bring me any really good answers or even a <blockquote> to enhance the smartness of this page. All I found is that they were call Russian Tea Cakes until about the 1950s when the Mexican Wedding Cake term started being used. The guess is that it was because of our strained relationship with Russia at the time. Hmmm, can anyone say “Freedom Fries”.

Tea Cakes are a from . . . → Read More: “Mexican Wedding Cakes”

Christmas Day FOOD and lots of it

Yes my post are all kinds of “out of order” and I apologize now. I also will make it a New Year’s Resolution to get my butt back in gear and start cooking and writing again for my loyal readers.

Christmas this year was without a doubt different and probably not one of our favorites. I do however predict that in several years when we are standing in our OMG HUGE house with every family member and every friend we can stuff in there to enjoy Christmas us looking at each other and saying “remember in 2008 when we spent Christmas alone in that crummy apartment”. We have each . . . → Read More: Christmas Day FOOD and lots of it