Elections and no Politics – VOTE for Pass BoD

It is that time of year again, time to vote. Not only do Americans get to vote soon for the next POTUS, Pass members from around the world get to vote for three (3) board of director seats. This year there are 2 Regional; USA/Canada & LATAM. The 3rd is an open, meaning any candidate can assume this seat. Why it is important to vote These seats are important to everyone, not just the region they represent. Each board member is assigned a portfolio to manage, those portfolios have a great impact on the community. For us locally the big portfolios are Chapters & SQLSaturday, these hit closer to . . . → Read More: Elections and no Politics – VOTE for Pass BoD

Power BI–Visualizing SQLSaturday Data

Inside SQLSaturday

This morning I was having a discussion with my husband about our SQLSaturday location. He is extremely concerned that moving the event further away from downtown Nashville would hurt attendance. I tried discussing it with him but he finally said “I’d like to see the data so we could know where everyone is coming from.” I said well I have all the data give me a minute. 10 minutes later I am Skyping him asking how to share with him the 2 Power BI maps I have made.

How did we get here? I ran the last 2 Nashville SQLSaturday events. Because I took a big leap in . . . → Read More: Power BI–Visualizing SQLSaturday Data

Inside SQLSaturday – Romancing your Sponsors

Romancing your Sponsors

To be honest, this seems like a no brainer, but I have noticed that in some locations the sponsors are just “there” so to speak. So these are my tips and a lot of them I have gathered from the sponsors over the last year or so.

Make sure your sponsor area gets good foot traffic–this is how they meet your attendees. Don’t build rooms as tracks that would keep folks in 1 room or one end of a building the entire day. Have lunch set up early and allow the sponsors and lunch speakers to go through so they will be ready for the lunch break. . . . → Read More: Inside SQLSaturday – Romancing your Sponsors

Spring 2014 Where’s Waldo?

OMG spring is shaping up so nicely I can hardly stand it. But just to keep you informed of where you might find sightings of me I am putting together a little blog post. I try to keep it updated, we’ll see how that goes this time!

Date Where What Notes Status 4/5 Las Vegas, NV SQLSaturday #295 Accepted All travel plans made. 4/23 Orange County, CA SQLSaturday #289 Submitted – waiting All travel plans made. 5/7-9 San Jose, CA PASS BA Conference Submitted – not accepted Sad panda. 5/3 Atlanta, GA SQLSaturday #285 Submitted – Accepted Driving! & I get to visit IKEA! 5/10 Houston, TX SQLSaturday #308 Submitted . . . → Read More: Spring 2014 Where’s Waldo?

PASS Summit 2013, the summary


Location, Location, Location

Those are the 3 rules of real estate. But it was quite the conversation this year. I heard many things being discussed about why this was good or bad. First there was the disappointment that the registration numbers didn’t look that elevated for the surrounding area. But until everything is finalized that one remains neutral. One of my friends complained that the flight cost them nearly $400 each but a normal flight to Seattle was only $150. I said that my flights to Seattle are about $400-450 and the non-stop is seasonal so it sucks even more. This year we were able to drive which only . . . → Read More: PASS Summit 2013, the summary


This to me is one of those fundamental rights that Americans choose to ignore. Not only do they ignore this right by not voting they vote uninformed, based on what their neighbor, family member or news add told them. People believe the craziest things in my opinion. I have been a very stubborn, bull headed and determined person my entire life. Some of that comes from the women folk side of my family and the rest of it purely out of not wanting to fit in. Once I discovered that you don’t have to belong to a political party to vote and that you can vote for anyone on the . . . → Read More: VOTE!

NomCom Part 4

This should be my final post about the NomCom and it’s current process. I just want to leave you with a few more tidbits. It might be interesting for me to blog about improvements but I believe that the NomCom has requested that an ERC (Election Review Committee) be put together to review and possibility implement our suggestions.


The NomCom has 2 responsibilities. The first one is to verify/determine if an applicant is qualified. That process is done as soon as the applications are reviewed. The second responsibility is to rank the applicants and provide the slate to the BoD to be ratified.


I want to state for . . . → Read More: NomCom Part 4

NomCom Part 3

So it’s mostly done; we’ve read all the applications, conducted all the interviews and ranked all of the applicants. I am not here to tell you what I think is wrong with entire process I am here to enlighten you on how this works. Maybe later if you are really good you can have my advice and my thoughts about process.

Definitions Qualified

According to http://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/qualified this is what qualified means. a: fitted (as by training or experience) for a given purpose :competent b : having complied with the specific requirements or precedent conditions (as for an office or employment) : eligible

According to PASS the qualifications/requirements for being on . . . → Read More: NomCom Part 3

SAN DIEGO here I come!!!!!


I am presenting at #SQLSat249


THIS week I will be traveling to San Diego to present, help with the WIT program and man the PASS booth. I am not sure which of my sessions I am doing, the organizers sent out a note and said everyone that submitted gets their sessions. OOPS I submitted 2 and I think I need to focus on manning the booth so I have asked to only do 1. I am so excited I can hardly wait. There is a lovely BBQ planned and a lovely beer tour. This beer tour we are taking looks dog gone awesome. I am totally excited . . . → Read More: SAN DIEGO here I come!!!!!

NomCom Part 2

Well I have to say that everyone waits until the last minute to turn in their applications, so much so we were asked to accept a late one and had to turn them down. Because of this I will suggest for next year that there be more time between the application deadline and the first round of rankings being due. I got mine as I was walking out the door for a trip to Indiana for SQLSat 242. I was scrambling to get those done Monday and there were only 9 can you imagine if there were more? I also recommend not waiting till the deadline, this would give more . . . → Read More: NomCom Part 2