The Season of SQLSaturdays has begun

Date Location Submission Status
4/2 SQLSat 497
Huntington Beach CA
SPEAKING Speaking just after lunch!
5/21 SQLSat 521
Atlanta GA
6/4 SLQSat 517
SPEAKING! 8am (someone hates me)
6/25 SQLSat 498
SPEAKING! Mid Morning
7/16 SQLSat 527 Columbus, OH SPEAKING!
8/13 SQLSat 530
SPEAKING!  Last slot of the day, pretty sure that I have held that spot every time.

This is the current plan, of course there will be more added. I have been working on a new session, guessing that deadline of needing to present it on 4/2 will really help. I’m planning a what’s new in Microsoft Business Intelligence 2016 – More Love for Your Data.   Please let me know if you have any questions about these events, want to attend or how to find us.  T & K Creative Solutions group has sponsored each event as a blog sponsor, so check out their site and see my logo!

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