Well getting here was no treat.  Wednesday I waited patiently at KLT’s apartment packing, cleaning and prepping for our afternoon departure.  It had apparently not been much of a good day for KLT and he was pretty much off line.  At about 10 minutes till 4 or so I got really mad and called him.  NOT GOOD!  And of all times to be a line at luggage check in.  I sent KLT ahead to get through security, I figure they’d hold the plane if one of us was there and not the other.  I RAN through the airport and really wanted to KILL him.  Oh well once again we made it and everything was fine. 

We arrive in Phoenix and wow was it HOT.  Amazing it’s just not been that warm at home yet.  We totally abused the Hyatt Place free shuttle for a ride from the airport, a ride to dinner and a ride to get our rental car in the morning.  Renting the car the next morning saved us a whole day rental.  SWEET! 

CaseyMoore’s was our dinner choice based on the recommendation of the shuttle driver.  It was really good.  The Guinness went down quickly!  I had a bloody burger with swiss cheese and KLT had the dinner special of Halibut.  Large plates of food and a great local place.  Nice outdoor patio to boot. 

Hyatt Place is at the top of the list of favorite places to stay.  The BED is amazing, the rooms are clean and spacious. 

Thursday morning it was off to get the rental car then on the road to visit our first dam in Lake Havasu City.  We made our stop at Wal*mart to get lunch, water, diet coke and cliff bars. By noon we had reached Parker Dam.  We were saddened by the new rules that had apparently been put in place for security since 911.  You can drive across the dam very slow but you can’t stop.  You can’t walk across the dam.  All of the pull off parking places are covered in cob webs and the informational signs are all faded.  Really makes me sad to think that this is something that belongs to the people but we can’t enjoy it.  I mean good greif you could load the trunk full of explosives and blow up in the middle but you can’t walk across.  After talking to the gate lady she directed us up the road to a fishing spot so we could see the dam and get pictures. 

Really tired took a nap instead of doing pictures and blog posting.  🙁  So tomorrow I will tell you all about the OMG mexican food.

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