What not to say

In today’s episode of what not to say I will cut and past actual email exchange between a few employees.  What you should know is that the announcement regarding said Holiday gathering went out some time ago and the second invite (which was a forward for the start of this mess).  Now boys and girls let this be a lesson of when exactly you should STFU! After the last email the list was locked so no one else could post to it.  The current excuse from the starter of shit storm “accidentallyhit reply all” (yes both times).  You should know we all work in a technical department.

 Origional Invitation:

Hello to all. . . . .

Please remember to sign up if you are attending the TLT Holiday


Luncheon on December 17.  _Mark your calendars_.   Sign-up sheets for

indicating what you are bringing, as well as sign-up sheets for

volunteers to set up and clean up, are available at YONG Hall

5th floor reception.  Sign-up sheets are also available
Can’t wait to see you all there!


Today’s start of the shit storm:

I have a question.


Why are we calling our Christmas Party a Holiday Pitch-In?  It used to

be called a Christmas Dinner.  Which Holiday are we celebrating?


Random response one:

I think we are celebrating the season of Hope for all mankind no

matter what religion, beliefs, or way you want to look at it.  It is a

time to take stock of your best intentions toward your fellow man and

hope that we can somehow come together in a peaceful way to express

our good will towards each other with the idea of following through

with these thoughts and spirit of good will throughout the rest of the

year.  That is what I think this Holiday is celebrating.

Rebuttal from shit storm starter:

Thank you so much for your response.  I send emails all the time on the “AFA”

American Family network to companies like Walmart and write to their Presidents of their companies saying I won’t shop there if they don’t use the word Christmas and I was thinking why should I be so lienenient when it comes to my own Employer.


I’m sure that other religions like Hannukah still celebrate and call their celebration what it is….and Our Christmas is just that “Christmas”.

I am not offended by others holidays so why should they be offended at mine.


There has to be a time where we stand up for what we believe and Jesus died for me.  He said if we are ashamed of him he will be ashamed of us.  I only have to answer to God for what I do and when I get to heaven I want to hear him say “Good job, Good and faithful servant”.


It may seem like a trivial thing to some, but I believe the diversity is going too far when we can’t even call a Holiday what it is.  “Christmas”

Did they ever think that they may be Offending Christians by taking Christmas Out of Christmas!


And as far as Celebrating the season of “HOPE” for all mankind, that is what “Jesus” came to give us when he was born and that is “Why” we celebrate the Christmas Season!


God Bless you all!


Merry Christmas


Random response two:

  Starter of Shit Storm,

No one is offended by your faith. That is why we are in favor of including your religion with everyone else’s in our Holiday celebration.
No one is suggesting that you need to rename your holiday, only that we have an inclusive party rather than an exclusive one.

If you were unaware, your faith is only one of many represented at Purdue that celebrate a holiday during the winter solstice. It is likely highly offensive to all that do not share your faith and many that do that you feel that only your beliefs should be represented by the University. I think that you would be well advised to take a look at Purdue’s policies on diversity, discrimination and harassment.

I am proud to work for an institution that values diversity and nurtures respect for all people regardless of what their personal beliefs, race, ethnicity or heritage may be. Could I request that, in the future, you refrain from creating a hostile work environment by sending offensive emails to the list?

Concerned Employee
You may also be interested in referring to Title VII of the Civil Rights Act



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