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I am not sure what started it but I really wanted a sewing machine. My mom got me a simple Singer for Christmas. I used it for quite a while and decided I wanted a little more. I used my heath check money from Purdue last year to buy a nicer Simplicty. I went to town on that baby. I have unfortunatly gained a ton of weight so I made all my skirts and some capri pants for my summer wardrobe. Then something terrible happend just before Christmas I was making a quilted handbag, of course a Christmas design and I broke the machine. OH NOES! this is right before all the days off when I was going to sew. Fast foward to now - I have a brand new JANOME and it ROCKS! I have repaired the Simplicty and will keep it as a back up. Currently I am designing a studio to harbor all of my creative talents. Unfortuantly the onlyt thing to happen is the paint.

The best news is I can now hem pants. Yes! I figured it all out. I can do cuffs and regular. I just saved myself 9-12 dollars per pair of pants. Next lesson, how to alter store bought clothing.

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